*WIN* - 1 of 5 Limited Edition Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke Bottles! CLOSED!!!!

In celebration of reaching 5,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel, I'm holding another giveaway! Yes, ANOTHER giveaway - aren't you guys lucky!? 
I'm really sick today so I won't be posting a video about the giveaway and you will just have to enter on this blog post!

I'm giving away 5 Limited Edition Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke bottles, courtesy of Thinkhouse. The King of Fashion + Coke? Does it get any better than that!? These bottles are absolutely gorgeous and girly, and they are a must-have for any fashionista! These stunning bottles will be worth a lot in future years, and I am so excited to be giving 5 away!



  1. my favourite trend for the summer is feather earrings! could you do maybe an interview or an updated whats in my closet post?

    thanks and congratulations! ! !


  2. my favourite summer trend is bright lips! like loud corals and oranges! :) you should do like time era / music genre themed blog posts/tutorials like shows trends make up look hair the lot! tis right up your street!

  3. Colour Blocking, for sure. It is really nice to see such a burst of colour after the darker shades typical of winter. Especially living in Australia, our seasons are opposite of yours and getting to see all these beautiful colours and outfits encourages us to use bursts of colour in our winter outfits.
    As for requests, i would love to see maybe a video where we kind of follow you around for a day, and i am also really interested in your taste in books.. i know that isnt fashion but i am a huge nerd and i think it could be interesting to see more of your taste in books!

    Congrats on hitting the 5,000! You deserve it! :) xx Hayley ( leesha666 on ytube and twitter)

  4. I love all the collars that are out at the moment especially when worn in an unconventional way - I saw a girl wearing one with a collared top and it looked great but don't think I am brave enough for that... another fav is maxi dresses knotted at the end (like how beautycrush wears them) its much edgier and quite sexy too!

    i'd love you to do another naked palette tutorial as i swear by mine but am getting a bit bored of it and can't think of anything different to do with the colours!

    the new posts are great leanne but need to see more outfit of the days! :)

  5. My favourite summer trend. Colour blocking. I really love the bright colours put together and you are always happy when you are wearing colours. I just love playing with the coluors. So, yeah definitely that one.

  6. My favourite trend this summer has to be colour blocking! i love the big bright colour clothing shops have to sell and i think there such nice colours to wear after our gloomy winter weather:)

  7. my favourite trend for summer is colour blocking :P i even painted my nails in orange pop and deep purple today .
    i posted this on your youtube but id really like to see a make up tutorial done with just essence make up :D just
    because i have the same love for essence that you have

    congrats on the 5,000 subs :D
    ailish xxx

  8. favourite trend of the Summer : i'm really liking minimalistic looks right now, like fresh nude pinks and whites, nothing too in your face. Just nice flowish long skirts and simple prints. I'm also loving cat eye sunglasses. I think they're really cool.

    any ideas/requests for me to blog/youtube on : well i live in Ireland too and i like when i see irish vloggers/bloggers use a lot of stuff that i can find here. a lot of british vloggers/bloggers use products that i can't find here in the midlands. so maybe like the person above has said ^ creating a look that uses products like essence and catrice would be great <3


  9. I LOve The Colour Blocking Trend . It's so Fun and Fresh :) I'd Love It If You Did Some Cheap And Easy DIY Fashion Ideas ( Like How You Cut Your Jeans Into Shorts ) :) THank You :) Congrats On 5000 subbies btw :)

  10. I love all of the festival kind of clothes all summer long. All the bright colours, floral designs and stripes!

  11. My favourite trend of the summer is stripes. I love them on skirts,shirts and dresses. Maybe videos on how to wear certain things like your doc's or band tees? Oh and possible more eyeshadow tutorials like how to do a smokey eye and colourful fun looks. :)

  12. I absolutely love the colour going around Town. From designer to the high street, there has been a burst of colour all over Ireland and the world! Bright Summer colours have really increased the dull, gloomy feeling of the horrible Irish weather!

    Emm, you could do a video on your favourite fashion designers or the people that inspire you and why.

  13. My favourite trend of the summer is highwaisted shorts/jeans :) . . please do some follow me around vlogs id love to see them :P <3

  14. My favourite trend of the summer is definatly maxi skirts (even though i dont have one - I LOVE THEM!) Id like to see a follow me around vlog! Itd be super interesting!

  15. Hi Leanne! My absolute favorite trend this summer is colour blocking! I think its gorgeous!
    I'd really love you to do a video all about vegetarianism! I think it would be so interesting!
    Thanks! xxx

  16. Hey Leanne! I Love Colour Blocking! And Maxi Skirts And Dresses! Also I think Feather Earrings are really cute! I Follow You on here
    ( Sarah Kinsella )
    Twitter: ( SarahKinsellax3 )
    Facebook: ( Sarah Kinsella )
    Deaddly Prizes :D xx

  17. My favourite trend this summer is defo colour blocking (with make up) and the floral clothing items :)
    Thanks :D


  18. Favorite summer trend: white suits, leather shorts, and I also like crop tops!

  19. My favourite summer trend is the Aztec print. It gives your outfit an instant summery feel!

    I'd love to see you doing some vlogs about your favourite parts of Dublin or where's the best place to shop as I'm (hopefully) moving there in September and any tips would be great!

    I don't have a twitter but I'm subscribed to you on youtube (bamboozedmuffin58), on Facebook (Fionnuala Nic Suibhne) and on here of course!


  20. fave trend is the colour blocking trousers, like red skinny jeans etc!! :P

  21. I Love the colour blocking trend i love it because i think its good for summer like its real summery and i realy like the floral trend aswel i love like little floral playsuits and dresses I think you should do a video about your jewellery i love your jewellery :o
    twitter: robsxx
    google account: robyngx

  22. My favourite trend of the Summer is definitely High waisted skirts or shorts with cute cardigans! So cute! <3

  23. my favorite trend this summer is lace and leather as odd as it sounds for summer!
    but i love wearing girlie lace pale pink dresses with my leather jacket and my docs (:
    or just match the dress/tops with "grunge" type jewelery.

  24. also i would love to see you do like lady gaga inspired make up tutorials because i loveeee her
    and so do you so i know you would do a fantastic job :)

  25. I love how people are being experimental with their clothes this Summer,more so than ever before. I'm seeing a lot of colour blocking and a lot of clashing prints and patterns which I absolutely love! People of Ireland seem to be coming out of their shell which is great to see! I also love how 70's bohemian has returned and how shops such as Penneys are doing a lot of vintage "rip offs" such as 60's dresses etc. which is saving a lot on the pocket! You can't go wrong with all the fresh gorgeous pastel colours either that are floating around! Summer 2011 is one of my favourite years for trends :)

    I'd love to see you do videos of how you would put outfits together for tall and small people! Or maybe even start a "street fashion" blog so we can see what your friends and the people of Dublin are wearing this Summer :)

    Good luck to everyone!
    Norma x

  26. During this Summer.,im loving any DIY unique and quirky clothes. Chopping up old t-shirts and adding on different fabrics to old clothes to make them new again :3
    - leading on from this, i'd really love to see how you personalize any of your band t's and whatnot with a video :)

    thanks for such an awesome giveaway Leanne :D
    - Aoife ^-^

  27. It comes around every summer, but I love festival fashion. I'm not lucky enough to go to Oxegen this year but I am going to the Galway Arts Festival...not quite the same, but a festival all the same!
    I love the kind of messy, boho, thrown-together yet chic looks at festivals.
    Like loose wavy hair with headbands,
    Floaty floral dresses
    Over the shoulder satchel bags...

  28. Hi :)
    Its so hard to choose a single trend of the summer as my favourite! I must say however that i'm really loving the whole skater skirt and button up shirt combo! Its so pretty and classy (and sooo much better when incorporated into the colourblock trend!). I also love all the pretty wedges around at the moment :)

    In terms of new video ideas, i'd really like to see one featuring your friends! Maybe do friend's OOTDs or something?!

    Thanks for being so cool! Hope i win! Been wanting one of these for aaages :o ♥x

  29. My favourite Summer trend has to be the vintage 50's ladylike look...floral prints, box bags, satchels, cute sunglasses, pretty lipstick in shades of red and pink, cameo jewellery...it's such an awesome trend! :) I'd love to see some videos on vintage looks and vintage hairstyles. I love the 40s and 50s so I'd love to see some finger waves and vintage make up tutorials thrown into your youtube channel if possible. Your videos are deadly, fair play :)

  30. aw cool :P

    > This summer I'm loving the vintage inspired swimwear & vintage versace because of gaga and I love the colours and the detail in the vintage versace outfits.

    > Probably not as relavent to you as a beauty guru but Id love to see a 'day in the life' video where you choose what to wear, do the make-up tutorial for that day, Bring the camera out to town and go shopping and stuff... Also, a wardrobe raid and some clothing DIY videos would be interesting.

  31. My fav summer trend is shorts with groovy tights .. I think they look amazing and can be formal or casual.

    As a video suggestion I think you should do a day with leanne woodful and show your friends as I think a few people look up too you and inspired by you so they would love to get to know you abit better! :)

  32. Yay another giveaway :D I live in Ireland :D
    Okay so I really love a lot of trends this summer so I'm going to say a few :D
    Bandana HeadBands
    Bright nails (I love Glo Baby Glo for this!!)
    Denim dungarees and dresses
    Colour Blocking
    The big bun on toop of the head like this http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQslydqQNilf0UNaJO0DW8Gcczh_9GIVpRGN3PSynibtJFHhMKP
    I would love a tutorial how to do that ^ and maybe some nail art tutorials :)

  33. Hmmmm my favourite trend of this summer.....Either...
    freyed,ripped,cut up jeans,shorts!!
    high wasited jeans/shorts .
    crop tops.
    Well done btw :D xxxxx

  34. Hi Leanne!

    I am a facebook liker, a twitter follower, a bloglovin follower and a youtube subscriber and I am from Clare so I am fully eligible!

    My favourite trend is floral prints because I wear so much black that i need to counteract it with bright and girly pieces.

    I would like to see a post/video about your favourite trends for summer and if you are wearing them yourself. If so, how you put your own spin on them to give them your Coco Chanel meets Joe Strummer style.

    Keep up the good work on all your blogging platforms (I miss your tumblr!).


  35. I'm loving ombre hair this summer or Balayge to! I think it's so much easier to maintain and such a natural look. Fashion wise i'm loving the biker look, chunky heels, jackets teamed with something girly!

    Video wise i'd love to see a video on your tattoo's, we always get a little glimpse of them in your videos and they seem gorgeous. Plus, you don't seem like one of those girls to get a massive star or playboy sign, just for the craic so i'd love to know a bit about them!

    I also just voted for you in the very competition, good luck! :)

  36. hi i'm alex :) I live in dublin :)
    Okay so I love bandanas :) i wear mine practically every day ! i go for the kind of trashy style :)
    i <3 bright nail varnish. you really inspire me :) i hope i win <3

  37. A good video to do would be
    Outfits with all different types of shorts like high waited , hot pants or Oh! maybe a video personalizing your own shorts like from jeans to shorts like you wear in your videos :D xxx

  38. Colour blocking, deffo. Though I haven't had the courage to try it yet!

    I agree with KillerPickles, Tattoo video ftw!

  39. colour blocking, it's nice to see bright colours after the dark browns&blacks in winter.

    room tour or whats in your wardrobe videos :)

    also good luck in the Very fashion comp!

  40. My favourite trend would have to be a vintage look for the 70's but still a glamour cabaret style!! I love old-fashioned clothes.. with lots of polka dots, bows and everything pretty :) I bought loads of bulky denim jackets and jeans for Christmas/winter and I've done some small DIY to them and I can wear them with anything! and for a video idea.. maybe a favourite shops video or more tags! I seen people saying a tattoo video.. and I think you've mentioned most of them in your videos :)

    ooh and Leanne, I really hope you win the very fashion comp because I've watched you from the start and you really have inspired me in many different ways and you really deserve it!!

  41. My favourite trend this summer would have to be stripes! I think they are a great with electric colours because they give a real summer vibe <3

  42. My favourite trend this summer would have to be brightly coloured nails and the aztec trend :) Would love a skin care routine video maybe? Or maybe a summer take on smokey eyes tutorial?

    Best of luck with the Very competition! :) x

  43. Hi Leanne so glad to see an Irish guru :)
    My favourite summer trend has to be festival fashion. I love all the boho looks that's at them. People dress for practicality, comfort but all so try and dress stylishly.
    Requests wise you could review the pennys makeup line love it :) And i know its not fashion or beauty but you could review the concerts/gigs you went to

    Good luck in your fashion comp! you deserve it


    Jennifer xxxxx

  44. I really love lace this summer but i like to toughen it up with a leather jacket or boots. Colour blockings getting a TAD overdone :)

  45. This Summer I am loving bright lips! especially corals.. I cant wait to get my hands on Benefits Cha Cha Tint! Maybe a Skin Care routine video!
    Love your stuff xxx

  46. I adore the floral dress and the tea style dresses! So pretty and never goes out of style so you can wear them into winter!
    I`d love to see a tutorial on Alice In Wonderland inspired make up or any kind of Tim Burton character look

  47. My favorite trend this summer has got to be the feather hair extensions , i love the way you can take them out whenever you want to and you can mix it up with weird designs and colours <3
    Id love to see you blog about stuff you can get here in Ireland, because i live here in ireland too :) btw i love your videos nd blog post :D
    Kisses x

  48. My favorite trend this summer has to be the 60's inspired tea dresses
    So cute for summer can dress up with jewerly and heels or wear them to festivals with a pare of wellies :)

  49. My favorite trend this summer is high waisted shorts with cons :D
    I'd love to see a follow me around vlog :)
    Love your videos & blog :D

  50. Hi there - not to copy those before me ;) but I am in love with colour blocking and tea dresses. Especially wearing tea dresses with biker boots and a pleather jacket to rock them up :D Great blog, fingers crossed I can win a bottle of this for my mom back in Boston :) x

  51. Really loving the Aztec trend going on at the moment, love all the different prints and colours- esp going into Forever 21 and looking at it all! :)
    Requests: Another OOTD with your Nana, shes so glamorous!:)

  52. Hey, this is a seriously class giveaway!
    I'm following you here, youtube and twitter, under the names ABarryMakeup or Aislinn Barry
    Not on Facebook!
    I love colourblocking and I'm so delighted it's the trend of this summer, I love dressing differnently, I'm not one to follow the crowds, It's just not me! You are my inspiration, you are different and I love that!!

  53. Hi Leanne! My favourite trend atm is DIY. I love how everyone is taking vintage or current pieces and remaking them into a unique one of a kind garment. I've been experimenting with studs and cutting up old band t shirts. As for youtube ideas, I would love to see your take on the whole DIY idea. You have a very diverse image, taking styles from different eras and putting them together. Also, maybe you could do a day in the life of video, I imagine it would be rather amusing. Keep it up girl, your getting there!

  54. My favourite trend for this summer would either be maxi skirts (oh they're beautiful, although I'm too short to wear them :() colour blocking, I love it!

  55. I follow you on all of them!
    My favourite trend for this summer is bronzed beachy look with colour blocking and bicycle shorts!

  56. My favourite trend this summer would have to be Colour blocking. It's gorgeous and it's so fresh and lively! I also love all the pastel and coral nail polishes and the lipsticks. They're amazing and they go well with every skin tone! I love how everyone's finally getting a bit creative and making what they wear, there own!
    Maybe you could make a video about what type of clothes suit different shapes and sizes, to give people an idea of what could suit them to try something different! Love your Blog and videos Leanne :D mwah:*

  57. Pastels.

    They mainly look good on everybody, but it really compliments pale skin. Ever since I saw you wearing the pastel lilac nail varnish I adored it! I think that pastel skirts can sometimes be to daring though. Unless its really warm of course, because you don't need to wear leggings/tights! :D

    Thanks for even considering if you get time to read this Leanne. ♥

  58. My favorite trend for this summer is floral dresses & cute cardigans,It's so fresh and suits just about everyone! They look great with sandals,flats and wedges :)

  59. My favorite trend this summer would probably be leather and lace :3 and you can never go wrong with denim cutoffs :) Ive only recently discovered your youtube/blog and I love it ♥

  60. hey! i like colour blocking and crochet and tassels also love the whole aztec prints.
    i am following you on youtube, twitter and have your page liked on facebook! :-)

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  63. My favourite summer trend is definatley the Aztec/tribal print. I think it's so fun,colourful,stylish and easy to wear.

  64. I follow you on all of them! My favourite fashion trend of this summer is colour blocking! I find this trend differnt and great as you do not have to worry about everything to be matching and you can throw anything together!

    Could you do Skincare routine video. As your skin is flawless! I would love to see your routnie! I love all your videos and you are one of my fashion and make-up icons!xx


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