Review - Lush's 'Tiny Hands' Hand Cream

We're all very aware that I'm a Lush fanatic, I swear by all of their products and use them daily. When I was sent some products to try and test out, I was over the moon to say the least! One of the products was their new 'Tiny Hands' solid hand cream. I was so excited to try this out especially, as I look after my hands well and have always been an avid hand cream user.
I expected the hand cream to be smaller in size, but to my surprise it was quite big! The scent of it is beautiful - floral, vanilla and a hint of citrus! Some people may not be used to using solidified products, and are always curious as to how you're supposed to use them. For this hand cream, you simply rub it along your hands and it melts away and leaves the soft residue on your hands that you massage in. Your hands are quite oily for a few minutes afterwards, but it eventually sinks in. I use it as many times as I like throughout the day, and I sometimes rub it over my tattoos also, for extra moisture!
The ingredients include argan oil, cocoa and shea butters and aloe vera - all great for softening and giving TLC to the skin.
I've definitely noticed a difference in my hands, since using 'Tiny Hands'. They're extremely smooth and a lot of people have commented on how soft they are. I'll definitely be purchasing this again, and at around €4, it's a bargain! It lasts for ages, and it works wonders for your hands!