Forever 21 Media Morning - A/W Collections

This morning I attended the fabulous Forever 21 media morning, organised by Thinkhouse. It was trés fun and it was great to see the previews of the Autumn/Winter collections before anyone else! The event was held in the stunning Morisson hotel, in the Art Gallery. Food and drink were served, and overall it was a very relaxed atmosphere!
The collections were split into themes, such as 'Mod', 'Vintage Darling', 'Ivy League' etc. It was a very unique and interesting way to see the clothes and also the live mannequins (models) helped us to see what the clothes were like on! Each rail of clothes was surrounded by items associated with the theme, and it was great for 'setting the scene'. My favourite rail was most definitely the 'Mod' rail - the lace bustier, denim shorts and Westwood-esque blazer caught my eye immediately! I shall definitely be buying all 3, I am in love! Overall, each collection was gorgeous and they definitely branched out to all types of women and styles. I'm quite excited for Autumn, to say the least..
In the centre of the room, there was a giant table full of accessories for us lucky girls to pick at, we were allowed take home a few bits and bobs, so myself and Emma picked our faves from the bunch!
Emma's treasure:
My treasure:
The most amazing earrings I have ever laid eyes on!
Ivy League

I need this bag, NEED!
Dublin was the first city in Europe to be graced with a Forever 21 store, and it has been oh-so popular ever since it opened its doors 8 months ago. The Oxford St branch in London was opened just days ago, so I predict Forever 21 will take over Europe, one shop at a time!
It's as cheap as chips and the clothes are fantastic, I'm more excited for the A/W collections more than anything this year and I have compiled a shopping list for myself - when I somehow get money!