Day Out @ Russborough House, Co. Wicklow.

Lopsided photos ftw! Oh well..
Today was great, it was so sunny, hot and fun - a perfect Summer's day! My Nana and I, went to Russborough House in Blessington, Co. Wicklow. I've grown a fascination of Georgian architecture ever since I started learning Art History 2 years ago. We visited Castletown House a few months ago, and I fell in love with it. I was dying to visit Russborough, and it was even more spectacular in person.
I always find seeing these buildings up close in person, so much more interesting than looking at pictures in a book - same with paintings, clothes etc. The house is a joy to visit, our tour guide was really informative and interesting. The house itself is absolutely incredible, you have to see it to understand the craft that went into it. I'd highly recommend anyone travelling to Ireland / wanting a day out, to visit either Castletown or Russborough. Both houses are stunningly beautiful, and have gorgeous tea rooms and gift shops. The scenery is also amazing, you can spend hours upon hours exploring and relaxing in the grounds.
Awkward posing.
Unfortunately I wasn't allowed take photos or record videos in the house, but I recorded an outfit of the day, and my Nana made her first ever cameo - isn't she fab!?