Haul - Eyeko, Chanel, Bershka, Lush and Asos!

Sorry about my lack of videos and blog posts over the last few days guys! I've recently purchased a Flip camera, and I had terrible difficulty with it on Tuesday, I recorded 3 videos and none of them would upload. The editing software that I got with the camera is awful and it runs so slow on my computer.. typical! 
Yesterday I went shopping with some friends, and went to see Bridesmaids with the girls over at Viva Adonis. It's as funny as The Hangover 2, and we all in fits of laughter throughout. The ending seemed a bit rushed however, but it was a fantastic movie overall - I'd definitely recommend you guys go and see it your friends!
Myself and my new Flip camera. 
On Tuesday morning, I was awoken to a lovely little parcel sent to me from Eyeko. Eyeko means 'love' in Japanese and it is a London based beauty brand. Their products have received rave reviews globally, and stars such as Emma Roberts and Sophie Dahl swear by Eyeko products! I was trés excited particularly about this because it was my first ever parcel sent from a company, for me to review their products. I've been a fan of Eyeko cosmetics for months now, and I've used their brown Graffiti Eyeliner pens religiously. Eyeko not only use gorgeous and girly packaging on all of their products, but they're also against animal testing - something that is very important to me because I'm a vegetarian.
I was sent out a fabulous black Graffiti eyeliner pen and 2 of their new lipsticks; 'Liptastics'! I've used all of these products over the last few days, and I am hooked already!
I was curious to see how well the black Graffiti pen would turn out, as I've only ever used the brown. However, it applied beautifully on to the eyelid and the colour was jett black and not watery at all - something that happens a lot with eyeliner pens! The brush is not rough and it doesn't drag on the skin, it applies quite softly on to the lid. It's ideal for reaching those inner corners and for doing precise flicks - I love it!
The Liptastics are incredible, and definite new favourite of mine! Not only did I adore both colours sent to me, the quality of these lipsticks is phenomenal! I wore 'Hot Lips' (pink) the day I received the package, and I only had to top up the colour up twice that day. There is hardly any transfer of the lipstick onto glasses when you drink, and it doesn't bleed out of your lip liner. Both colours are so Summery and I know I'll get such good use out of both, I'm thoroughly delighted with all of my Eyeko products, and I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to them! 
Hot Lips (pink),  Lip Lover (red) and the black Graffiti pen.

I picked up these fabulous leopard-print shorts in Bershka yesterday, for a mere €9.99! I absolutely adore them, and I'm just waiting for our sun to come out to wear them!
After reading so many fantastic reviews and watching so many videos about Chanel's Bronze Universel, I finally gave in and bought one! The Bronze Universel is a beautiful matte bronzer, that's ideal for contouring your face and for adding a Summer glow to our Irish pasty skin! The one shade adapts to all skin tones, the formula is quite smooth and buttery and you get a fantastic 30g worth of product. The container is massive and of course, elegant. I paid a whopping €37 for it, but I know it will last forever and is totally worth the money. I bought mine in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street, but it's sold at any Chanel counter internationally. I'm already in love with this product, and I'll do a review on it over the next few weeks.
 Today I woke up feeling incredibly ill and had no willpower at all in me to climb out of bed. I woke up to 2 amazing surprises however, which instantly perked my mood; Lush had sent me over a huge parcel full of goodies for me to use and I also received a call from Vodafone, to inform me that I'd won a pair of 3 day camping passes for Oxegen - amazing! My mood quickly turned into a joyous one for obvious reasons, but I was still crippled in back pains and headaches! 
I went through my Lush parcels with 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs' and the delicious waft of Lush swept through my room. I saw some of my all-time favourites in there - 'Dragon's Egg' and 'Mr.Whippy' bathbombs, but also some products I've never tried out! A 240g tub of the famous 'Dream Cream' made me the happiest girl on the planet! The cream is known globally to fight skin conditions, such as ezema and I've never gotten around to buying some. It smells gorgeous and I cannot wait to use it! The new 'Tiny Hands' solid hand cream was also buried within the treasures, and it's one of the many things I'm dying to try out!
I'll be posting a 'Perfect Bath' post soon, and I'll be reviewing each product over the new few weeks. I'm a huge fan of Lush, as you all know, so a thousand thank you's to Lush for sending me all of these gorgeous goodies!
A few weeks ago, I won the 'Black & White Styling Challenge' on Asos, sponsored by Nivea's new Invisible For Black & White Deodrant. I won 4 dresses in total; 2 black, 2 white. Due to one white dress being missing from my parcel, Asos very kindly sent out a £50 voucher to spend on their site. There was a bit of confusion over the parcel, as you may know if you follow me on Twitter, as I only received the parcel yesterday, but all is now good and well! The dresses are so beautiful and I'll get fantastic wear out of them all.
(Excuse the poor quality pictures, my camera died and I had to make do with an old one!)

(L-R) A stunning sheer polka-dot midi dress, a classy white dress ideal for weddings and a 60s style shift dress (my fave!)

I've been going through quite a lucky patch this month, I've won Oxegen tickets, Asos outfits and a Make Up For Ever make-up course, and as one of my subbies on Youtube said - it's karma! The start of 2011 was absolutely dreadful for me, and things only started picking up this month for me. June was quite a lucky month for me and I just hope that luck doesn't run out any time soon! 
I enter competitions daily, and lads remember; If you're not in it, you can't win it!
On that note, remember to enter my huge Summer beauty giveaway here - it closes in 4 days, so get entering!

Within the next few weeks, I'll be having a huge ebay sale, I'm doing a huge clearance - clothes, shoes, the lot! I'll post everything on here when it's all sorted out, so watch this space!
I hope you're all keeping well, hopefully I'll have a new video up by Sunday - if my camera decides to work!