3 Products I Regret Buying!

I am self-confessed impulse buyer. I buy things without thinking twice about them and I end up annoyed at myself, when they just don't work! I've chosen 3 beauty items that I've been disappointed in recently. I'm making to sure to read reviews  before I buy products in future, as I'm wasting my money on awful products too much this year!
Illamasqua's Cream Pigment in 'Bedaub': 
Possibly the most disappointing product I've bought all year. I squealed with excitement as I ordered this product on Asos a few months ago. It was my first ever Illamasqua product and I was dying to try it! I fell in love with the beautiful mint colour and gorgeous packaging as soon as I saw it on the site. It arrived in the post a few days after and I was so excited to finally try it! I was delighted with it at first - it was pigmented, the colour was fantastic and it was so Summery! After about an hour of wearing it however, it creased terribly and the colour had faded to an off-green. I applied my eye primer as always, and I just couldn't understand why it lasted for so little time! I wore it a few times after that, and I had the same problem again and again. I'm still on the hunt for a similar minty eyeshadow, so I can wear it as a base, but no luck so far. Not worth the €17 unfortunately.
Veet's Hair Removal Wax Strips:
I bought this product for around €6 a few months ago, in my local chemist. On the box, it claims to 'remove hair for up to 4 weeks and be effective even on short hair'. As I hate all types of hair on myself, apart from my head/eyebrows/eyelashes, I remove it everywhere - even my arms! I bought these strips thinking they were going to be ideal for my upper lips and underarm area, as they were small and softening. I followed the instructions perfectly, placed the wax strip on my upper lip, removed it and applied the oil afterwards, to remove the wax. Not only did the strips remove hardly any hairs but they broke me out in a ton of spots on my upper lip a few days after! I think the oil wipes they give are too oily, and the oil just clogged my pores. I'm terrified to use them again, as I don't want to get a reaction like that one again. I will never repurchase wax strips again, I'll stick to getting it done professionally.
 Chanel's 'Pro Lumiere' foundation: 
After spending a whopping €42 on this foundation in Brown Thomas, I had high expectations to say the least. I assume any Chanel product will work brilliantly, due to it being Chanel and also having a huge pricetag - but not this one! For a start, I bought the palest shade they had at the counter - 10 Limpide/Nude - and it was far too dark for my skin tone. I'm a typical Irish pale gal, and when I ask for a pale foundation, I mean a pale foundation. This foundation is far too yellow also, giving a really unnatural look to the skin. Not only that, but it broke me out along my chin and forehead after a few times of wearing it. I've heard endless bad reviews of the foundation, of people experiencing the breakout problems also. I assume that's why it's being discontinued, it's just not worth the €42 and is highly disappointing for a Chanel product, as I'm a huge fan of their lipsticks and nail polishes!
Do you regret buying any beauty products recently, which ones?