Milan Fashion Week - Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the leaders of Milan Fashion Week right now. Their label is not usually one I cover or review, but with this collection, a true beauty was born and I felt such a need to show you all. Jonathon Saunders and David Koma have up until now, been the only designers to ''wow'' me with their collections. This colourful and fun collection however, has completely blown me away. I envy the people who got to witness it in person, I was in utter awe flicking through the photos and videos of the show.
The re-occurring feminine-meets-masculine mix was the basis for this collection, a personal favourite theme of mine. Androgynous would be an incorrect term to place on this collection, due to the mixing of the masculine and feminine pieces and how the two were blended. The models were split into two groups; masculine and feminine. Half of them wore 'shaggy' masculine hairstyles, with strands of hair hanging loosely over the face, with the rest tightly pulled back. The feminine styles, were again up-dos or were worn down, the model's bangs lay loosely on the sides of the face. The make-up designs were also split for each look; the masculine having a simple, brown smokey eye and the feminine having a stained pink lip and soft eye.
Double-breasted blazers were adorned in sequins and lace, and brogues alike, braces were worn with crisp white shirts - some backless. Star and animal prints clashed with jewel-covered brocade skirts and monochrome was teamed with bright block colours. D&G's signature burlesque style was seen through hints of the collection, with the models wearing lace bustiers and bras over the print dresses. The look may not be for everyone's taste, but it's right up my street! The accessories were just fantastic, everything was seen from treble-clef maxi earrings to piano heels. Ideas I'm sure most of the high-street brances will pick up on and imitate for the coming season.
I can predict the high-street taking D&G's collection right on board, and I hope to see some variations of the pieces in the shops this Summer. Masculine tailoring and feminine sex-appeal, are two areas Dolce and Gabbana are experts on, and they seem to bring a breath of fresh air to the styles, for each collection. The main tip to take from the collection, is to not be afraid to clash and mix colours and prints. It makes an outfit more interesting, and it will make you stand out from the crowd. Some may say the designers ''played it safe'' with this collection and presented something that we all have seen before, but what's wrong with that once and a while? As long as a new take is given to the pieces, anyone and everyone can learn to appreciate the creations.