Keep Calm And Carry On.

Unfortunately I didn't get into the London College of Fashion. After years of hard work and flying back and forth to London 3 times, I didn't get in. Maybe I just wasn't right for them, my parents think my young age was against me but who knows! I'm absolutely devastated about it and I feel extremely lost with it.
There are bigger tragedies happening in the world today however. The biggest earthquake in Japan hit the country earlier and a huge tsunami subsequently followed. Up to 20 countries around The Pacific and South East Asia have been warned about possible tsunamis. My heart goes out to everyone being affected by this disaster.



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  2. keep your chin up. i like how you've still remained positive, thinking about getting more experience and re applying. shows commitment and determination. and hey, if you didnt get in, it wasn't the time for you, you may feel like a door's been shut but really a load more have been opened because of that, having academic experience AND work experience will bode well for you as i'm sure you know and you have the opportunity to travel. i would just take the next year as still studying, but practical work studying. i believe you'll go far. i've had the same kind of thing, except with me, its that i couldn't afford to attend the course in london. you've made me feel better in your positivity to try again next year. x

  3. Hey Leanne. Stay positive and as cliche as it sounds they are truly missing out. Yes, you might be young but you really have a whole lot to offer. Regroup and Reload... I agree with lolly use this year to expand you. Start brainstorming. I have always came out on top despite the obstacles and closed doors placed in my path. You will too. Seriously. Yes I am sadden by tragedies in Japan. I have family there and have not heard about every one yet...

  4. Have you considered doing a BA in Journalism here and then doing a Postgrad in LCF? I'm doing a BA at the moment and hope to do a postgrad in Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism in LCF when I'm finished...because there's fuck all anyone can do with a BA at the moment! Of course if you want to wait it out and try again next year it's no harm either! What's a year if you get your dream course in the end! Best of luck :) x

  5. Sorry to hear about that Leanne, but you've got severe talent so you'll alays find a window, nomatter how small it may seem now. There's a pretty good introductory fashion course in Sallynoggin College that my friend's doing and she loves it. It's only a year long too so you could reapply to LCF next year, but good luck with whatever you decide :)

  6. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't get into LCF :( I met you on the day of the interview and was talking to you just before you went in if you remember? It's ridiculously tough competition to get in there. Keep your chin up, I bet amazing things are around the corner.

    Alena, x

  7. I was looking for any help I could find on the LCF interview and found your post-interview video on youtube, then followed up here on your blog. After watching just this second video you absolutely must know that you seriously are an amazing person. People will always say such wounding things because they don't think anything of themselves and they want the world to hurt just as much as they are. And I know that it can be very discouraging when people lash out with extremely uncalled for and rude comments but I'm so glad to hear that you aren't going to stop uploading youtube videos! I'm sorry to hear you didn't get in this year and I'm sorry if bringing it up stings that little bit more, but the fact that you can care so much about others in need even while experiencing your own pain is such an encouraging example of the attitude we should all have for one another. Keep it up and next year I hope all that you set out to do works out for you! Best of luck with everything you decide! :) xo

  8. Head up Leanne! They would have been lucky to have you and I'm sure you'll get into an mazing fashion college!! I'm sure in a few years I'll be buying clothes you designed or watching you walk down a catwalk it Paris!
    B|est of luck in the future <3


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