Fall/Winter 2011 - Le Meilleur Des Repos

Due to the last two weeks, being hectic and oh-so stressful, I've had to combine the Paris and Milan collections here. ('Le Meilleur Des Repos' - The Best of the Rest!) 
Gareth Pugh and Moschino stood out for me the most with their original and exciting designs. Gareth Pugh embraced a gothic-futuristic look, while Moschino took the 50s to a whole new level. Surprisingly, I was quite disappointed with Balmain. This collection is the first Balmain collection, that I haven't become excited about in years! Christophe Dicarin took a somewhat, simplistic approach to this collection. While the evident rock'n'roll attitude is still there, I feel it's almost lacking in that 'wow' factor we usually see. Dicarin didn't even make it to his own show, due to illness. I did like the Bowie-inspired embellished catsuit however, and also seeing Freja Beha was an extra bonus! Lady Gaga walked for Mugler, and gushed about how amazing she thought the collection was afterwards. I, personally liked the sheer leopard-print pieces, but that was about it. It was a good collection, but nothing special.
Personally, London Fashion Week stands out for me for the Fall season. Maybe I'm biased, but I always find London (in general), more brave and willing to through all the ''rules'' out of the window. I find that some designers are 'playing it safe' too much, these days and I think we need designers like Koma, Pugh and Saunders to give us a breath of fresh air and to step outside of the box. Fall and Winter, are seasons to look forward to, fashion wise anyways. Colour, print and nostalgic-retro pieces will get us through the gloomy months, hopefully!
Gareth Pugh
Moschino Cheap & Chic