Interview: James McLoughlin - Photographer.

James McLoughlin is a 19 year old photographer from Roscommon (Not Dublin, sorry..), who is going to be big news! Take my word for it. I follow his blog 'HOME' and every time I see a new post, I just fall in love with his photography even more! James' photography is never too ''posey'', and I like that. I tend to always have a liking for photos of people caught in the middle of talking or a slight blur of movement. It's more natural and real.
When did you discover your interest in photography, and did you ever study a course on it in college?
I guess like everyone else, when I first got a small compact camera and thought I was the bees knees taking photos of flowers and trees and really awful things. Then I started looking at other photographers and getting a better understanding of it as a whole. I've never studied it, I don't know if I would want to either. I like being self taught and doing it my own way I suppose.
Who inspires you, do you have a photographer you look up to?
Phtographers like Nan Goldin and Diane Arbus are huge inspirations, also not quite well known ones like Hasisi Park and Jackson Eaton are big favourites too. I could name about 400 but I'm gonna leave it at that.
What is your favourie thing to photograph?
Definitely people, one hundred percent. I fucking hate scenery and architecture. Like I appreciate it, but I don't see the point in photographing it, it's the same.. ALL the time. You're just going to be taking a photo that a million other people have taken as well. With people, they are always changing or have a different expression, it's wayyyyy more exciting!
Do you have a preferred style when taking the pictures or do you like to mix it up?
I just like to let whoever im taking a photo of, be themselves! Even if i'm doing a fashion shoot, I don't like to give a huge amount of inspiration unless its needed.
What camera do you use and what editing software would you recommend?
I have a Yashica Quartz fx-d Rangefinder and a Nikon d60. I think everyone's different in respects to what camera is good, I would even reccommend using disposables if you want to get into film. I hate how most people think you need a huge fuck off camera and lens to be good at photography.
A lot of my readers have an interest in photography, what advice would you give to them?
I don't know, I feel weird giving advice because I'm not a pro, but like in respects to getting noticed, obviously you kinda have to be a small bit good and have a definite style. But networking is so important, fucking selling yourself like, if I had a euro for every email I sent to magazines and blogs asking them to feature me I'd have like 67 euro. And having a blog is the best thing in the world, it's the reason I've got alot of offers to do shoots etc.
If you could photograph anyone or anything in the world, who/what would it be and why?
I have no fucking idea, how boring of me.
Do you think the term 'photography' is thrown around too loosely these days?
I don't think so, it's weird because a photograph is a photograph, no matter how good or bad. A photographer is ultimately someone who takes photos, you don't have to be getting paid to be a photographer. So if you're taking photos of the sky and of trees and in you're opinion you think they're good, then you have the right to call yourself a photographer even if the rest of the world thinks they're shit.
Are there any particular magazines that impress you with their photographer choices and shoots?
I like Homme+ magazine, they always have pretty interesting layouts and photo-spreads, and also Fantastic Man always have really simple great photos. 

Check out James' photography blog here!