I Love Lush!

Over the past few months I have become completely obsessed with Lush. Lush is a company which produces fresh, handmade cosmetics and body treats. They're famous for their soaps and bath bombs, but they also supply everything from gift sets, shower jellies, lip tints and solid perfumes! All of Lush's products are Vegan approved and everything is made in an ethical and proper environment. Ever since I've started using Lush, I have literally stopped buying any of the other commercial brands I see in the shops. My shampoo, body washes, soaps etc are all Lush. People find Lush quite expensive, but to be honest, it's worth it. The products you purchase are all handmade and natural, and they last ages! You can only buy Lush via a Lush store or the Lush website (which is currently down at the moment). 
In Dublin there are 2 Lush shops, one at the end of Grafton Street and the other on Henry Street. I usually buy my products at the Grafton St. location because it's nearest! The staff are always so friendly and helpful, pop into Lush and check it out! The smell of the shop is amazing.
I have quite a big Lush collection building up right now, and it will only get bigger and bigger!
Rock Star
Honey I Washed The Kids
Angel's Delight
Body Bars:
Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar
Solid Shampoos:
American Cream
Bath Melts:
Magic Mushroom
Bath Bombs:
Dragon's Egg
The Ex Factor (half gone!)
Shower Jellies:
Calacas - Green
Sweetie Pie
9 To 5
Hair & Shower Gels:
Snow Fairy (x3)
Lip Tints:
Snow Fairy
Lip Scrubs:
Star - Angel's Delight Soap
Pink Triangle - Rock Star Soap
White Heart - Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar
Blue Cirlce - Seanik Solid Shampoo
Beige Triangle - Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
Bath Bomb - Dragon's Egg
Valentine's Bath Melt - Magic Mushroom
Bubblegum Lip Scrub - it tastes like Snow Fairy! It exfoliates your lips and gets rid of any dry skin (Tip: use an old toothbrush to help with the exfoliating!). This scrub is made out of castor sugar, so it's perfectly safe to lick it off your lips once you're done! If you miss the limited edition Snow Fairy (it's only available around Christmas time), get this lip scrub and the Godmother soap.. they are part of the Snow Fairy family that are available all year round!
Shower Jellies - Calacas (only available around Halloween time.. it's shaped as a skull!) and Sweetie Pie. Both of these shower jellies so smell delicious, it's tempting not the eat them up!
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