Hello Spring!

Oh, how I welcome 2011's Spring with open arms! I adore Spring, I always have. I love the idea of rebirth and regrowth, and of course, my birthday! This Spring, unlike any other, welcomes colour back to our fashion forecast! This season's Spring collections did showcase the typical soft, pastel colours but also an introduction of neon and brights occurred. 2011 is the year to have fun with your clothes, and to try something new! Ease yourself into the neon trend, by wearing it in small and simple doses (e.g a neon lipstick, a bright scarf) or if you're adventurous enough, invest in a statement jumper or skirt and wear with block colours. Keep it simple, and wear one neon piece with white/black pieces. Clash patterns and colours all you wish, but be wary, as you don't want to end up looking like a Saved By The Bell reject!