Sigma & Asos Haul.

As I told you guys in my Christmas haul, I received money off relatives and spent it on Sigma make-up brushes and on Asos. You can only shop at these two companies online and I always find it easier and less stressful than fighting your way through the sales in shops!
My Sigma brushes arrived very quick, and they came in a neat little black bag. I ordered the complete make-up kit without the roll, seeing as I don't have any need for a roll! In total it cost me €68 ($88), so it was a bargain! Along with the 12 brushes you receive, you are also given a complimentary travel blending brush! With the brushes you are given an instruction leaflet, a leaflet on how to look after them and also each brush is individually packaged. Sigma brushes have been compared to M.A.C brushes time and time again, and they have always been either better quality or equal quality to them. M.A.C brushes are way too over-priced, so I when I heard about Sigma, I knew which brushes I was going to purchase! I have only used some of the brushes so far, and I already find them fantastic. I'll upload a video later on in the month, where I can fully review each brush and what their use is.
I've never shopped on Asos before, but after hearing good feedback about it from friends and always seeing their clothes in magazines, I thought I'd check out their sale. I ended up spending the rest of my money on the site! I'm delighted with what I've bought though. I originally ordered an Amplified Clash top too, but they emailed me after to say it was out of stock, which I was so angry about but what can you do! I bought a leather-look multiway bra, a caged-rib bustier, crucifix earrings and two crucifix necklaces. I got all these items in the sale, so i doubt they're still on sale/will be on sale in the future.