Christmas Present & Sales Haul.

It may seem a bit late for a Christmas haul, but seeing as I got some of my present quite late.. it only made sense to do this a while after! The items I'm showing you are a mixture of presents and stuff I've bought in the sales. I received money and vouchers off my Mum and her partner James, so that's how I got the money and yeah, I;m not bragging.. this has just been requested and I find them interesting. I was also going to do a video to accompany this, but I don't think it's necessary! 
The day I took a trip into the sales was the 27th, I went into with my cousin Eleanor and we were quite excited. The first place we headed into was of course, Lush! My no.1 favourite beauty product shop in the world. Everything is vegan, it's all natural and everything is amazing. We went in and were greeted by the always lovely staff and we found out all the Christmas stock and items made before October, were half price! So we went a bit crazy. We each bought a 'Christmas Candy Box' giftset (green box), which includes a Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Snow Fairy Shower Gel (100g), Snow Fairy Lip Tint, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, Bubblegum Lip Scrub and Rock Star Soap. The giftset was originally €25.75, but we got it for half price - amazing! Ellie also bought a 'Chilling With My Gnomeys' giftset as a present for her Dad (blue box). We left Lush anyways, with our great buys and looked through the rest of the shops. We were extremely disappointed with the sales, and bought hardly anything else. On the way home, we went back to Lush again.. and bought more. We each purchased two shower jellies each, a 240g Sweetie Pie and a 100g Calacas. I received the 'Snow Fairy' giftbox off my Nana as a Christmas present, which includes a Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar, Angel's Delight Star Soap and Snow Fairy Shower Gel (100g). I've also just added in my Seanik Shampoo Bar and 250g Snow Fairy shower gel, to show you guys my collection so far haha.  I plan on doing reviews and more in-depth posts about these products in the future.
(L-R) Angel's Delight Star Soap, Shimmy Shimmy Glitter bar, Candy Cane Bubble Bar (half used!), Honey I Washed The Kids Soap (yellow) and Rock Star Soap (pink). Lush have started to cut their soaps into triangles, instead of squares lately, as they're easier to use and handle!
I bought this Motel dress in Topshop for €21, I don't know the original price but I'd say it was around double. It really reminded me of Alexander McQueen's S/S '09 collection and I think it's really different. I bough to wear on New Year's Eve, but I didn't end up wearing it. I plan on wearing it to a party coming up soon anyways, so I think it's a great buy!
This Lanvin notebook was €10 in Brown Thomas, it was meant to be €15 but they couldn't find the packaging so they gave it to me for a tenner, so I was happy! I'm going to use it as a fashion diary, to stick in cuttings and ideas etc. The sale in Brown Thomas is brilliant, they have such great offers and bargains on - check it out if you're passing!
 My favourite buy of the sales has to be my new cardigan. I had seen this in BT2s months ago, and just thought it was so chic and amazing (of course it's amazing, Marilyn's face is all over it..) and when I saw it in the sales today, I just had to buy it. It was the last one there, and I felt it was fate haha. The piece is by Pepe Jeans, and it's from their Andy Warhol collection. It was €50 reduced from €110, a total investment piece, I'll get such great wear out of it.
 It even has Andy's signature on it, beautiful!
 I love when you buy a special item and they really add a nice little extra touch with it. The tags for the cardigan was a little package with Andy Warhol's story on the back, it contains a green sheet or something.. but I don't want to open it yet.
 The other tag was an Andy Warhol little picture book, which I found so cute. Please excuse my chipped nail polish..
 I was in desperate need of a new foundation and I thought I'd treat myself to a lovely Chanel one in Brown Thomas. I bought the Pro Lumiére liquid foundation, in '10 Limpide'. It was €42, and it may seem pricey but I think it's worth it. I'd rather spend good money on a great foundation, than ruin my skin with one that would clog up my pores! If you're looking for a good, cheaper foundation, I'd recommend Maybelline's 'Dream Creamy' foundation.
 I bought my Elle magazine as always last month, and decided to get Vogue too.. seeing as Keira Knightley was on the cover (she is the love of my life!). I read Elle for hours as usual, thought it was a great issue and I really enjoyed it. Then I got on to Vogue.. Vogue's never been a favourite of mine, I don't feel there's enough reading content in it and I don't like how it's content is laid out. I was highly disappointed with this issue, apart from the Keira interview and shoot, it took me less than an hour to read - waste of my money! I'll stick to being an Elle girl.
 My Nana bought me this fabulous book for Christmas, it's all about shoes, shoes and more shoes! I can't wait to read it, the pictures look amazing and Marilyn's on the cover.. so I already love it!
 I got a good few beauty set for Christmas, and surprisingly enough.. I'm really happy with them all! I was a bit apprehensive when I got this Johnson's set, because I have read that Johnson's test on animals.  I researched into it more, and the only evidence on the web of Johnson's testing on animals, is from the US. I looked for ages searching for anything on the European Johnson's company, and nothing came up.. so I'm happy to use these products now! The set includes a face wash, an eye make-up removes, a daily facial moisturiser and a lipbalm.
 My Aunty bought be this great Isa Dora mineral eye shadow palette, I've heard great reviews on this so I'm dying to try it.
 She also bought me two necklaces from Warehouse, one broke already but this one is hanging tough! It's a fabulous jewel necklace, and it's quite hard to see in the picture.. but five over-sized crystal-like jewels are on it, with chains and amber-coloured diamontés. I love it.
 My Nana always goes on about how great her John Frieda hair products are, so she bought me my own to test out! She uses the blonde collection, and she picked me up the brunette shampoo and conditioner. They smell amazing, but I feel like I'm cheating on my Lush shampoo if I use this.. maybe I'll keep it for special occasions!
 I adore this amazing necklace and earring holder I received as a present, it's really sturdy and heavy so it won't fall over, and I love the dress and colours.
 In the sales I also bought these pink pair of tights in Topshop, they were €1, so I had to! Topshop's sale was by far the most disappointing. I only bought the dress and these pair of tights - in comparison to last year, where I had to go twice to shop there, it's pretty shit. I love Topshop, but everyone had already gotten to the good stuff.. oh well! The polka-dot bow hairband was a gift off my Nana and the charm bracelet was a gift off another Aunty. I love it, I always wear bracelets so I'll definitely wear it.
 My Nana is a Chanel addict like me, so she picked me up a new bottle of Chanel No.5. My Nana's sister bought my a Revlon mascara and eyeliner too, I can't wait to try these out, I love Revlon products.
 This is one of the beauty sets I was really chuffed with, a Nivea shower set which includes a body lotion, shower creme and the most gorgeous shower cap I've ever seen! I can't wait to use it, and the body lotion smells divine.
 My sister's bought me this stunning, purple make-up bag from River Island, it fits really nicely into my bag and is lined with leopard-print satin. It's another item I'll get great use out of.
 My other Aunty (I have loads..), bought me this amazing Smashbox eyeshadow palette. It includes 12 eyeshadows, 4 liners, a primer and a lookbook. I am going to do tons of tutorials with this, I was so happy when I opened this up, she knows me too well!
 My Mum and her partner James also bought me a printer. I was in need of one due to school and just general use, so it was a fantastic gift to receive. It's a ink-saving printer. It's also a copier and scanner, as well as a printer so it'll be so handy to use.
I ordered my Sigma brushes the other day and also a few things off Asos, so I'll post them up when they come in the post! I hope that was informative/interesting, and I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!
I also have great news! I'm now an official writer for The Fashion Brewery, it's a new fashionista website and I'm so happy to be a part of it! The official launch is set for next month, so be patient while the designs etc change for a while. Check out my new friend Nell's blog as well here, for fantastic fashion updates and news. Rate her blog 5 stars and drop her a comment to say hi, thanks a million guys!