Rihanna - 26/05/10

Where do I begin? On Wednesday, me cousin and I went to the 02 to see Rihanna live and by God, it was fucking unreal.
Pixie Lott supported her, I'm not a fan of her songs at all.. she has a good voice but her songs are just atrocious. She was also quite boring on stage, I found myself just sitting there wondering what Rihanna was going to wear.
So 9:30 arrived a huge screen came down in front of the stage and started showing a movie of Rihanna. There was 4 of these mini-movies of Rihanna through-out, I have 3 I'll upload to Youtube ( I deleted the 4th by mistake). 
She performed every song absolutely beautifully, her voice is even more amazing live! My favourite songs she performed though were Hard and Te Amo. During Te Amo, these 2 acrobats were hanging off canons that were hanging from the ceiling and it was just unreal. 
Her costumes were out of this world too! Everything from a futuristic white body suit, that had a leg cut out to wearing thigh-high black boots. She was unreal, going for costume changes and letting her backing-singers and guitarists have the limelite. Her guitarists were unreal, and she even played it herself during Rockstar 101. 
After the movie she then came out in a stunning black dress, with red neon lights on it. The whole production of the show was just amazing. The bright pink tank, the canons coming down from the ceiling with acrobats hanging off them, the runway with the sinking circle and the confetti explosion at the end... everything was just unreal.
She went off the stage at around 11 and everyone started leaving, but then she bursted on stage again. Umbrella was amazing, red confetti exploded over the whole 02 arena. It was amazing and the whole atmosphere of the show was terrific. If you didn't go and see her, you missed out!

Favourite Movies & Other Random Crap In My Room...

I don't know about you guys, but I adore watching movies! I love going to the cinema and I love having girlie nights in, or alone, just watching movies. I have a load of favourite films.. and they're the ones I have on DVD. I adore Mean Girls, The Ring, Juno, Scooby Doo on Zombie Island and Corpse Bride the most though... And I still need to get The Hangover on DVD!
I painted this teddy in Pompeii Paints when I was 9. The guitar and rabbit ornaments were given to my from my Great Grandmother.
I adore Scooby Doo and Batman as most of you know, so imagine what I was like when I found the movie on the right... SCOOBY DOO MEETS BATMAN. Life complete..
I like keyrings..
Don't know where I got this but it's an old issue of Woman's Way, pretty cool I might add..
Me and my school friends with Jayo from the Dublin GAA team, at World Kidney Day in 4th year.
I have a huge collection of stationary, this is only part of it.
Yes, I sew. No, not really. We did it in Home Ec and I fucking detested it. Spent half the class trying to get the thread through the needle..
I play guitar yes, I am left-handed yes and I have it covered in stickers.. 
In first year my friend Emma drew this for me and it's been on my door since haha!


My Book Collection.

I have been an avid reader since a young age. As a child I was always either drawing, reading books or dressing up. I loved reading. 
I grew up on Enid Blyton books, due to my Dad, Aunty and Uncle all growing up themselves with her books, so they were always around my Nana's house. Her stories captured my imagination and I would be unable to put a book down after starting it. I have 3 favourite books of all time and one of them is an Enid Blyton classic; 'The Faraway Tree'. I've never read a book so much in my life, I have the omnibus edition from when I was a child and the spine is in bits from reading it over and over. The tales of The Faraway Tree completely captured my mind, I would read the books, a thick book I might add, over and over. 
As I grew up I started to read the Goosebumps collection, I developed a huge fascination with the paranormal as a child, probably due to my Nana telling me all her ghost stories. Even to this day I'm always intrigued by ghostly tales and I am a firm believer in the paranormal. Of course, there's a disadvantage to that - I become paranoid I'm being haunted after seeing a ghost movie (aka. Paranormal Activity) for months on end. The Goosebumps collection was fantastic, my favourite story was 'Phantom of the Auditorium' from Collection 9. It terrified me! So it was great :D.
As I mentioned, I have 3 favourite books. The Faraway Tree being one, and The Outsiders by S.E Hinton being another. For the last few years I've really become interested in the 50s. Such a cliché era to like I know, but I genuinely grew up around Monroe movies and Elvis. Anyways, along with my interest with the 50s, my interest of the 'Greaser' movement expanded. I absolutely adore this movement - the music, the film, the style.. anytime I see a man wearing a leather jacket, drain piper, winkle-pickers and Ray-Bans I die a little inside - they are yummy. Haha. So The Outsiders is a book written by S.E at the age of 17, it revolves around the gang crimes committed between The Socs (Socialities) and the Greasers in the 60s. Keep in mind, over in the Uk and Ireland the 'Teddy Boy' culture developed, more or less a European take on the Greasers. Think young John Lennon. I adore this book and I'm getting a quote from the book tattooed on my wrist actually. It's a quote taken from a Robert Frost poem, and it's said in the book. The famous ''Stay Golden, Ponyboy.'' is said by the dying Johnny to caring Ponyboy. It basically means ''stay young'' and I adore it.
My other favourite book is (another feckin cliché...) is Twilight (the whole saga really, but you know what I mean). I read these books before they were ever famous, long, long, long before the movies were even heard of! And I just adore them. I don't care if half the planet's female population likes them too, to be honest. I adore all these books, probably due to again, my fascination with the paranormal. Vampires and Werewolves really play a big part in that you know haha! And If you's are wondering... I'm Team Edward. For life.
I have collected hundreds of books throughout my 17 years, including my Aunty's Marilyn Monroe books from the 80s, they were always lying around my Nana's house when I was a kid and I'd read them  first out of curiosity and then I became obsessed with Monroe. Watching her films, reading all the books, having pictures of her everywhere... and Audrey Hepburn! My Mum and Aunty were mad about Monroe, my Nana was mad about Hepburn and Coco Chanel and used to always quote them!
I was a strange child, in the sense when I was given money to 'go buy some sweets', I'd walk out of the shop with stationary and wait for it... dog encyclopedias. I have always been an animal lover and I had 2 dogs as a kid, so I used to spend my money on dog books. Haha.
This has gone on longer than I thought, so I'll end it here and show you my photos!


My Magazines.

So as most of you would know, I collect magazines. Since the age of 3 I started collecting magazines... Barney to Disney Princess to Rugrats Around The Words to Sabrina to Girl Talk to Shout to Miss to Bliss To Sugar.... and now I collect Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Company, Glamour and Grazia mainly. And then the odd Look, More, Marie Claire etc. 
I was sorting out my magazines the other day and decided to share my collection with you. This is my second collection. When I was 12 my Mother threw out all my magazines, I didn't talk to her for a MONTH. She threw out all my Mizz's, Shout's, Elle Girl's.. and my ancient Girl Talks. I value my magazines and refuse to throw them out, so when she did that you can see why I was so upset!
I've been in Kiss magazine 4 times, once for a review (they spelt my second name wrong :( ) and twice for picture. I'm the one on the top left of the first pic'n'mix page and I'm the one with the blue hair on the second one.. I was also in an article last year about my blog! Can't find it though haha! I worked there for work experience, it was great!
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