Bands I've Seen Live...

I decided to make a list, for no reason, but I just want to. :)

All Time Low x2
The Audition
Avril Lavigne
The Blackout x2
Bring Me The Horizon
Black Tide
Dir En Grey
Elliot Minor
Metro Station
My Chemical Romance
Mindless Self Indulgence x2
My Passion
Now Now Every Children
Saving Aimee
Snakes Hate Fire
Steer Clear (Soooo many times..)
Paramore x2
Paper Route
Taking Back Sunday
We Are The Ocean
You Me At Six
Young Guns

This isn't including local bands like Fox Avenue etc, I've seen them so many times!

Future gigs I'm going to: Lady Gaga, Hadouken! and hopefully Florence and the Machine

Request: How To Wear Doc Martens

I've been asked a few times to write a blog about this so here you go :) hope it helps!

Doc Martens are so versatile, you can literally wear them with ANYTHING. The amount of colours, patterns, materials you can get of Docs is huge. They last forever and a hard-wearing. (Trust me, I know. I've walked through snow in them haha!) I have 2 pairs myself, ankle-length leather black ones and a patent pink pair. I wear them to death and they always complete an outfit! You can get different lengths depends on how many shoelace holes are on the docs, 8 hole, 16 hole etc.

I would recommend getting black docs first, they're much more easier to wear when choosing an outfit go with them. Because they're quite a masculine shoe, I always think wearing feminine clothes  with them works well as there's a big contrast e.g wearing a Summery floral skirt with shin-length black docs would looks amazing! If you to go for a full on grunge look, I would wear the black docs with tights, denim cut-offs, band t-shirt, leather jacket etc.

If you want to buy one of the coloured pairs of Docs, think carefully about which colour you want! I got my pink pair 3 years ago and it seems like everyone has them nowadays. So stay away from the 'typical' colours, buy the green or yellow ones instead! The coloured docs are just as easy to wear as the black docs but you just have to be more wary I guess. I mean that say if you red docs, you obviously would not wear too much red with them or any clashing colours like pink. Well in saying that actually, I've seen red and pink together on some people and it works! So go for it :)

Next on my wishlist for docs, is a leopard print pair! I loveee them, I love anything leopard print really haha! But yeah the patterned docs are amazing, you can get patterns like floral to tartan to the union jack! There's such a variety and I think they always look nice if you wear them with one other patterned item of clothing, like tights or a skirt. I love clashing patterns! But make sure they're different patterns, never wear tartan with tartan for example!

The prices vary, they're around €80-€200 depending on what colour/pattern you get!

Well I hope that was helpful, I really like getting requests so if you want one, just comment here and I'll write it up asap! :D


Kiss Magazine March 2010

I'm featured in an article about what Irish girls do in their spare time and I talk about this blog! (: Check it out on p.38 of the mag :D


My thoughts on fashion today...

Balmain S/S 2010
My love for this designer just grows and grows...

I am also LOVING the new Chanel ad campaign... it reminds me of Puss In Boots!

If you have the Feb issue of UK Vogue go to page 118 now! Natalia Vodianova is modelling in a shoot for dresses to auction, for a charity back in her homeland of Russia. Different designers including Chanel and Prada designed one-off dresses to be auctioned off! Absolutely amazing, the photography is just out of this world! So are the dresses!

Something I am going to start saving up for is the new 'Vogue Covers' book, it looks amazing! The one and only Kate Moss is on the cover - I need it now!



Oversized Denim Shirts.

Oversized denim shirts were huge last Summer, everyone had one and of course due to over-wearing.. people don't wear them as much anymore. Seeing as I spent €63 on mine in Topshop, I have decided NOT to stop wearing it, as I love it dearly. But, I have been looking for new ways to wear it. Last year I mainly wore it open but I've been liking the idea of buttoning it closed and wearing with a high-waisted skirt lately. I got the idea from Lookbook, so I'm going to give it a go! It got me thinking about other items of clothing I own and don't necessarily wear anymore.. due to the fact I am bored of the way I'm used to wearing them! So I'm gonig to have a look through my wardrobe and try and think of new ways to wear my old stuff. I have so much clothes and only wear the same ones over and over again - it's such a waste! I could never throw out anything, due to regrets in the past. I threw out a gorgeous military coat about 4 years ago and they're back in again! So annoying! So basically I keep everything I have now and I always end up coming back to it and wearing it again in a new way!
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