How To Get A Rockabilly/Rosie The Riveter Bandana Hair Style!

''RIP: Geraldine Doyle, who served as the inspiration for J. Howard Miller’s iconic WW2-era poster “We Can Do It!” (more commonly known as “Rosie the Riveter”), passed away this Sunday in her hometown of Lansing, Michigan. She was 86.''


  1. Thanks for this video, I have been wanting to know hw to do the roll thing for so long. Funny, my hair stayed in place all day, even though I did not use hairspray:)))
    I love your clothes(esp. that grey and purple dress/top thing, in the picture above). Where do you shop? Do you alter any of your clothes?

  2. no problem, glad you liked it!
    the dress is by henry holland :)
    i shop everywhere really - topshop, urban outfitters, h&m, kaotik, new look, bt2s... anywhere really haha!
    and i chop up my band t-shirts yeah :) and cut jeans into shorts!

  3. You don't know how gateful I am for the tutorial ^^
    I love wearing headbands but they nver stay where they're supposed to xD

    btw, I <3 your YT channel, I tune in regularly.
    They're always so fun to watch!

  4. Wicked video, I use to wear my hair like this all the time. It was always good if I had a late night out the night before and was in a rush for work. xxxxxx


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