Aiden Grimshaw Voted Off the XFactor?

I will keep this short and simple... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?
Never watching that show AGAIN!
I find it all very dodgy indeed, it went to deadlock and the decision was then based on the public vote. Already, the public outcry about Aiden being booted off is obvious that he received more votes and is more liked than Katie. When the Xfactor Youtube videos were uploaded less than half an hour ago, the ratings also show us that the public do not agree with this, at all. I liked Katie, I thought she was different but in comparison to Aiden? Ridiculous! No, I don't just like him because he's attractive, I really adore his voice and I would honestly buy his music. I voted for him every weekend and I know a ton of my friends did as well. I posted numerous statuses on Facebook giving out about it, and I got so many 'likes' and comments agreeing with me. I don't see how any of this makes sense! How the hell could the judges of just sat there, being fully aware of Aiden's better talent and public likability and still let it get to dead lock? Katie was in the final 2 for the last month, if this show was about the public's opinion, Simon should of considered that for the sake of his show. Viewer ratings will go down hugely next Saturday, the fact Wagner is still in, is insulting to the other contestants and stupid to be honest. Katie will yet again be in the bottom 2 and this show can basically be predicted by all of us and what the outcomes shall be.
After 10 minutes of the result video being up, the ratings were huge in disagreement! See for yourselves, I find it atrocious...
I refuse to watch the Xfactor now, I'm extremely skeptical of it. I hope One Direction, Mary and Rebecca do well and I'll watch their performances online. I refuse to give the show another viewer count after this.
At least we can all be happy about the fact Aiden already has a huuuge fanbase and will most likely be signed up to a label rather soon, and do better than most of the remaining contestants!
Do you guys think it all seems a bit dodgy or do you think it was the right decision?