28th November.

I picked up a few bits and bobs in town yesterday, the snow and cold won in the end and I went home early but I picked up a fair few bits shopping!
I went to the new Forever 21 store that opened up in Jervis. To be honest, I wasn't overly amazed. I loved their accessories and pyjamas, but the clothes themselves were too plain and practical for me, nothing I haven't seen before!
I picked up a hairbow and a pair of crucifix earrings, that I love!
People always ask where I buy my band merch, my Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols tops etc. I buy it all in a small shop across the Ha'Penny bridge called 'Ka-Ot-Ik. I know the chap who owns it well now, and he always puts away Clash merch he knows I'll love haha. So I got this jumper yesterday, I love it. 
As you all know, I adore Lush. I am obsessed with their products, I bought a Charity Pot (sample size) and a Snow Fairy shower and hair gel. Snow Fairy is so popular, and only limited to the Christmas season so I'm going to stock up! It smells unreal.. candyfloss, strawberry, sweets, sugar.. everything sweet!
I went a bit crazy on Ebay the other day, I sold most of my stuff so I bought a good few things. 2 Pout make-up bags full of make-up, a Joe Strummer top, a Topshop floral dress (pictured below) and more! I really recommend shopping on Ebay guys, it's cheaper and also handy for Christmas!
The snow has taken over Dublin and most of Ireland this weekend, and it's here to stick until Thursday. I've never been a snow person, it looks nice when I'm cosy and indoors but I hate being in it. Do you any of you guys have snow?
Remember to enter my Christmas Competition, see the post below!