Dublin Festival of Fashion.

Today I started my volunteer at the Dublin Festival of Fashion, it was hectic.. but fun! I basically helped doing everything, I worked backstage at the fashion show helping the models, sorting out the outfits etc. It's amazing though, I really enjoy it. Being surrounded by clothes and people with the same interests as me is quite a good feeling! I was the youngest there, which was a tad scary at first, but I soon got over it! Tomorrow will be so busy as there are two fashion shows on in Stephen's Green! There's one on at 2.30pm and one on at 4.30pm, so if you're around.. check them out!

I went shopping after the fashion show and picked up a few things!
Urban Decay's 'Naked' Palette.
A Lush 'Mr.Whippy' Bath Bomb and an 'Out Of This World' gift set. 
A Joe Strummer biography.


  1. Wowzers!
    Brilliant to have an opportunity to work at what you love, even for a short while. Give you a taster for the future.
    No doubt you'll be jiggered come tomorrow night :D

  2. OMG, I just copped the date - that's really bad form that you're not there this year :/

  3. How did you get the chance to do this? I'm sixteen and I'd love to do it this year!


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