Halloween's Coming..

It's 45 days away until my favourite time of year, Halloween!
Halloween has always been the time of year that I get most excited for, I prefer it to Christmas, my birthday.. any holiday really. As a child, I would draw decorations of haunted houses, witches and ghouls and stick them up around the house, I would talk about it non-stop... in August. My Mum would take the decorations down and kindly tell me it was too early, they would then find their way back on to the walls in September. Still, too early. So when October came, they were stuck back up.. along with another ''few'' pictures. I used to plan my costume for weeks, and change my mind all the time on it. I used to get excited butterflies when walking past all the shops with Halloween decorations in the window, to be honest.. I still do. I saw decorations the other day in a shop and I nearly screamed with excitement!
I just adore it, I love the build up to it and everything! I've always been fascinated with ghosts and night time etc, so maybe that's why I love it so much. Halloween movies are always an absolute must before Halloween, to get me in the spirit (which isn't too difficult); Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus being my favourite Halloween classics.
Last year I dressed up as a pirate (that's me on the left and my friend Sian on the right, in the photo) and I don't have a clue what I'm dressing up as this year. I'm going to think about it for a while and dress up as something unpredictable. Last Halloween didn't turn out so well, so this Halloween were having a traditional one.. Trick or Treating (if we can get away with it haha), going to the bonfire, having the craic and  having a sleepover with scary movies, food and of course, alcohol haha. 
I did have a paragraph here on the history of Halloween, but the editing turned out a bit awful and it wouldn't let me fix it. If you Google 'history of Halloween', a ton of interesting sites come up!