Elle UK 25th Anniversary.

Elle, is somewhat a Bible to me. I buy it obsessively every month and pay attention to each article, campaign and photoshoot as if it was going to dismantle itself within an hour. I adore Elle. I used to collect practically every magazine on the shelves -  Elle to KISS, Glamour to Look. Then I cut down, not only because it was too expensive - but I was getting bored of the magazines. I was reading the exact same things, over and over. The articles were banal and I usually found myself skipping pages. I have cut down over the last few months, saving myself a ton of money and also time. I collect Elle, no matter what and the odd InStyle, Glamour or Company.
Elle for me, stands out. Their covers are always the ones that catche my eye among the rack of magazines, Elle always has the most intriguing cover stories and I'm never disappointed with them after reading.
I always daydream, imagining myself working in the Elle offices. It is my ultimate dream to either work for Elle or start my own magazine in the future. Elle promotes originality - something a lot of magazines tend to cross out, most magazines shove trends and looks down your throat. Elle awares you of the trends and looks, but suggests you incorporate these new styles, into your own style.
This month's issue, is a collector's issue. Kate Hudson graces the cover, a celebrity I don't find special at all really - but Elle seems to like her, seeing as she's starred on their cover 5 times. The images captured by Ben Hassett, are captivating. Kate in her Italian villa pool, swimming in a Roberto Cavalli dress is jut astounding, the photo is eery and fresh with black and white editing.
The contents of this bulk of a magazine ingrosed me for hours, everything from a Closet Confidential with Lily Allen to an interesting interview with fiery model Naomi Campbell and an amazing editorial starring Coco Rocha, which took 3 days to take.
I could mention every single element of this issue, telling you how great it is, but it would turn out like a contents page. Just buy it, or should I say.. invest in it. Even if you don't necessarily buy Elle every month, I'd recommend buying this issue - it's a collector's item.