Hello Autumn!

This weekend was brilliant, I'm usually spending time with my family on weekends these days.. it's my last year at home, and I want to spend time with my close family and friends more. My Uncle and Aunty are getting married in 2 years, and we travelled to Cavan yesterday to where the venue is going to be. 
The venue is Cabra Castle, in Kingscourt. The original Cabra Castle's ruins stand in Dun na Rí Forest Park, still to this day. A stunning new castle was built in 1808 by Colonet Joseph Pratt, it was inherited by family through the years and bought to several owners until it was bought in 1991 and re-opened as a hotel.
Unlike most 'hotel castles' these days, this hotel stuck to it's roots. It's furnishings and decor was all traditional castle-style and it wasn't over-modernised (which I think ruins a ton of castles and the like, in this country). The interior was exquisite and we were brought on a tour of the castle, to get a feel of it for the wedding. Myself, My Aunty, Uncle, my Auntie's Mother and my Nana were there and we were all getting so excited for the big day - even though we have to wait 22 months for it. The rooms are unbelievable, the Wedding Suite was like something out of cribs! A jacuzzi, a tv coming out of the bed, a huge fish tank and gold, antique furniture everywhere. One thing in that room which creeped my Aunty and I, was the cradle. The story behind the 'cradle' is so creepy. My family - and my Auntie's family, strangely enough, are really interested in the supernatural. Since I was young, my Nana has always told me the family ghost stories and so on. I got the story of the hauntings of Cabra Castle printed out and I thought some of you's might be interested...

''In the 1780's, the local people of Dun na Rí witnessed the unfolding of the tragic saga which was to become the legend of the ghost which still haunts Cabra Castle to this present day - dare to walk the corridors of this haunted castle knowing that the footsteps that went before you were that of evil predecessors...
The then owners of the castle had a daughter and two sons, one of whom fell in love with a servant girl called Sarah. In true Romeo & Juliet style, it was a passionate but secret love, which for the sake of property, could only be pledged silently. 
The secret was broken when Sarah became pregnant and her lovers family ordered that she was to be killed; legend has it that she was taken from the Servants Quarters of the castle and dragged deep into the forest, where her body was hung over a bridge.
It is said that in the dead of the night, the haunting cries of a baby may still be heard in Cabra Castle. Local people say that the baby is pining for it's mother. There is also a testament by those who have felt a 'presence' in the courtyard rooms - formerly the Servant's Quarters, where it is said that Sarah's lost soul still wanders the Castle in search of her lost love and lost child..
The forest where she alleged met her death, is now open as a park  and the bridge which Sarah was hung has been named 'Sarah's bridge'. In honour of the legend and in her memory, there is a room in the Caslte that we have named after her - 'Sarah's Well'.''

I was talking to the guy who was bringing us around about this and he confirms staff have seen her, and he himself has felt a presence in one of the courtyard rooms. A few years ago an American couple emailed the hotel a picture they took of the bar in the Castle, and a ghostly figure is clearly seen in the photograph. I left the guy my email, he said he will email it to me and I will post it on here for you guys!
During the week I also picked up new tights in Penneys, I love them and Disney Princess sellotape - very exciting haha! I took a random photo of the Spire aka. The Waste of Space, and I like how it turned out to be honest! Happy reading and make sure to check out my Youtube Channel, there is 8 videos up already - and a ton more to come! :)