Back To School - Study Tips!

So I posted a status on Facebook the other day, asking my friends what their tips are for studying. I'm going into 6th year, my final year, tomorrow. I have always found studying quite difficult, I tend to daydream, I procrastinate and my motivation can lack from time to time. So, I got some realistic and decent tips off my friends and I decided to share them with you! Hope it's of use...

1. Sit up the front in class, you're less likely to get distracted.
2. Put your phone in your locker, don't text during class.
3. Do all of your homework, it helps you to remember info.
4. Limit your time during the week, on the internet/watching tv/playing the Xbox etc.
5. Gradually build up your study time as the year goes on.
6. Have a break every 25 minutes, even if it's just to get a snack or listen to some music.
7. Try an get all projects/assignment done before Xmas.
8. Don't procrastinate, do your work when you have to.
9. Use your exam papers - do a past paper every week, a question a day.
10. Don't give up your social life. Sleep, relax and have fun at the weekends!
11. Be realistic, don't push yourself to far - estimate realistic exam results.
12. Don't drop down a level in a subject until after the mocks.
13. Keep track of your colleges of interest on their websites.
14. Attend all career days and lectures. They help and put you at ease.
15. For orals, trying speaking to your mates in the language.. sounds weird, but it does help!
16. For aurals (listening), download language apps onto your iPod. (It helps, trust me!)
17. Don't leave anything until the last minute, do everything as soon as you get it.
18. If you tend to get distracted easily, go to an after-school study session or the library.
19. Remember, teachers are there to help.. ask them for advice/help if you need it!
20. Make sure you get a good night's sleep every night.
21. Have a good breakfast - and pack a healthy, packed lunch.
22. Last but not least, don't stress. There's more to life than school - do your best!