London 2010.

Long time, no talk! Hello everyone.. I arrived back home from London yesterday evening and have had no chance to blog. I've been away for the last 2 weeks - Oxegen and London. I shall post a blog on Oxegen tomorrow perhaps, but I'll get my London ones out of the way now - as I have so many pictures! I came home anyways today and my Mum and her partner James bought me a new Mac computer! It's one size smaller than our other one and it fits perfectly in my bedroom. It's so much better than my crappy laptop! This Mac I have now also has a video option on PhotoBooth, so I can guarantee Youtube videos will be up soon!
London was fabulous, it always is. My Nana brought me over for the sole purpose of going to the London College of Fashion Open Day, but we did so much more. We were over for 5 days and we went to so many places, I don't know how we managed haha! We stayed in a hotel in Paddington and it was gorgeous, our few was amazing and it was near everything! 
We went on a walk on Monday evening and found all these little hidden estates called 'Mews', they were a group of houses (painted bright colours) hidden on the side of streets, down an alley. All of them had amazing flowers outside and my Nana was staring in awe for ages! We passed an antique shop and I saw the most amazing chest of drawers ever in the window - it was leopard print! Amazing.
The Open Day was brilliant anways, very insightful.. I was nervous though, seeing potential future friends/fellow students.. and seeing the actual college in person. It was amazing and it is right in front of you when you step out of Oxford Circus underground! Afterwards we went shopping and I bought tons of Henry Holland and Zara stuff (which I will post pictures of, further down..
We then spontaneously visited the famous V&A Museum, we saw the wonderful Grace Kelly exhibition, unfortunately you weren't allowed take pictures so I only have a picture of one of her dresses, which was outside the actual exhibition. The exhibition showed everything from Grace Kelly's clothes, hats, jewellery, magazine covers and the ORIGINAL Herm├ęs Kelly bag. I was staring at it for ages, ignoring the confused stares from strangers! I've seen Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly's style exhibitions so far, and this lived up, most definitely, to the other two. I would recommend anyone to go to it, if you're over in London. You had to buy tickets for it, but it is so worth it!
Afterwards, we visited the 'Fashion' section of the museum, it was certainly my cup of tea! It displayed clothes from as far back as the 1600s, it was amazing. I nearly cried when I saw an Alexander McQueen S/S '10 dress on display, nobody else in the room seemed bothered.. I felt like nearly bowing down to it. Among the clothes were original Chanel pieces, worn by Coco Chanel herself.. yet again, I was staring at them like an idiot for ages. It really was an amazing few hours, we had to be quick though, we were seeing Billy Elliot that evening! There were dresses from Vivienne Westwood, Lanvin and many more.. I would of liked to have spent longer at the museum to be honest, I have to go again! The V&A shop was great also, I bought 2 pairs of earrings which I love! Excuse my poor photography, as the lighting was crap but for a better look of the clothes - click on the picture!
We got so much packed in on the Tuesday now that I see the pictures, we also went to Harrods and Billy  Elliot in the West End! Harrods was beautiful, my Nana and I bought a heap of Chanel make-up - she bought me one of the Chanel Rouge Lipsticks - shade 'Gabrielle', I got an overcoat and undercoat for nail polishes (Chanel polishes tend to stain, as the colour is so strong) and I got a nail polish in 'Dragon' to match my lipstick. I only have 'Rouge Noir' and 'Particuliere' at home, so it was nice to get new ones!
Billy Elliot was amazing, it was my first show in the West End to see and my best friend Aisling said it was brilliant - she was right! We weren't allowed take picture but I took a sneaky one of the finale! I would highly recommend seeing this musical, it's for all ages and it was hilarious. The stage was built so well also, a simple set but the way it was laid out was really effective. I really want to see Wicked/Grease the next time I go over.
I bought tons of clothes that day, and got a ton of information on LCF... I was really pleased that night, looking at everything..
On Wednesday we went to the Imperial War Museum. I have wanted to go for ages now and I finally to go. The museum itself is located in the famously old mental asylum, Bedlam. I recently watched a documentary on it on the History Channel. It was a mental institution in the 1700s until the early 1900s, the aristocrats of the day used to pay in and be entertained by the patients. Anyways, I fascinated to be going to the museum, for the war material and the fact it was Bedlam. Everything from tanks to planes to trenches to uniforms were on display, from the first and second World Wars. It was incredible. To see a Nazi uniform or a Spitfire right before your eyes, is a brilliant, yet strange experience. Seeing all these in documentaries and footage, and then seeing it all in person is really odd. I took tons of pictures, yet again sorry for the poor photography, the lighting was crap but I tried my best! I went to a Holocaust exhibition also, but I took no pics, for obvious reasons. It was interesting but extremely sad. I bought a ton of things in the shop later on in the day, a 'Keep Calm And Carry On' top, a ton of postcards, 'ration' fudge and an Andrews Sisters CD. They had so much there, 40s inspired house furniture and all, it was amazing! When I get my own place, I'm going to go there to buy all my bits and bobs!
On Thursday we went to Camden, it was fucking brilliant - even my Nana loved it! I bought so many tops in the market, and I wish I had more money on me.. I could of bought 500 more things if I was able to! My Nana and I went for sushi in a gorgeous sushi restaraunt called 'Hi Sushi', it was gorgeous!
I bought a ton of stuff in Camden Market, mainly t-shirts!
My Aunty has an amazing house in Stanmore, I love it... I also loveeee her dog - Angel! She's gorgeous!
This blog has taken me hours, the blogger uploader works so slow for me and I am happy to be done with this post... thanks for reading!