End of July.

I went shopping with my friend Sarah-Louise the other day and picked up a good few pieces! As you all know, I adore my Topshop anchor heart necklace and earrings, so I bought the other pair of bow earrings and the bracelet to match - I nearly have the whole collection! Love them! I bought 2 other gorgeous necklaces in Topshop too (click on the pics to see them larger) and an amazing big bow for my hair!
We paid a visit to Tower Records, and I bought new earphones and a pin-up girls book. I always use the bud earphones as you can't hear any outside noise at all - dangerous I know, but whatever haha! The book is brilliant, there are tons of Bettie Page pictures which I was delighted with.
That evening my Nana brought me to a Breakfast At Tiffany's screening, to celebrate the 50th anniversary (even thought it came out in 1961, but everywhere is celebrating it now...?) and it was brilliant. I've watched the movie a hundred times before but to see it on the big screen was brilliant. I really, really adore Audrey Hepburn. My Nana loves her too, she reminds me of her actually - her gentleness and ladylike manner.
We went up to Drogheda the other day to see my Aunty and cousins, and also to get our (my Nana and myself) hair done! I got mine dyed black! I needed a change haha!
Here's some more pictures I've taken this week..
My Nana's Chanel No.5 collection is amazing, she even has the hand soap! Jealousss.
There will be more Youtube videos coming in the few weeks, not soon due to family problems.. but I'll try get one up asap! Thanks to all my subscribers btw :D