Just got back from the midnight screening of Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga! I just want to put out there that I read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse before they were ever popular, I read Twilight so long ago it had the original lion and lamb cover on it! So yes, I adore Twilight. Get over it.
It aggravates me when people complain about it and slag it, the majority of these people haven't even read the books and solely base their opinions on the movies - the movies are great, but they are nothing compared to the books. Even worse, some people base their opinions on other people's opinions of it, hearing the negative points about the story and by seeing piss-takes. This is just being prejudiced. I know so many people who have slagged the movies, Edward and the whole Twilight concept - then they read the books. Next thing they're asking you for a lend of of the books. It's ridiculous! If you don't like it and have read the books, fair enough. But by basing your opinions on solely the movies or just disliking it to seem cool is beyond pathetic. Give it a chance! You'll be surprised.
I was curious to see what Eclipse would be like, David Slade is globally known to be a great director but I was anxious to see his take on this movie. The previous two have been fantastic, but both were so different. The tones of the movie were first blue and cold, then the second one being earthy and warm. The first thing that impressed me about Eclipse was the different tones, different scenes had different tones and feelings to them, in comparison to the previous movies where there was only an element of one repetitive colour throughout. This movie is most definitely the best one so far, ratings of this movie are incredible and it really exceeded everyone's expectations. The exciting fight scene was incredible, the sexual tension between Edward and Bella was clearly shown and made me (and I assusme others, extremely jealous of Bella).. Edward (Rob) is just divine.
I don't want to give anything away, as the movie isn't officially out until next week, but all I'll say is go in and see it with an open mind and expect a lot of good looking people. There were tops off everywhere. It was fabulous!
Me, being Team Edward even sympathised for Jacob a little more. Taylor Lautner is extremely easy on the eye and he plays cheeky Jacob to a T. But of course, Robert Pattinson nailed it, yet again. He is one of the most beautiful humans I have ever seen and he is just perfect for playing Edward Cullen. I know many people dislike Kristen Stewart as Bella in these movies, but she really has upped her game this time. She's let loose more and there is much less cross-eyed, dopey scenes of her. She really lived up to Bella, was serious and witty at the same time, and acted extremely well.
The only bit of criticism I would give, would be that (spoiler alert!) they didn't elongate Rosalie's story as much as they should have, they didn't place it or act it well enough. I think that part of the book really was an eye-opener for readers and I don't think it was told as well as it could've been. That said, some people seeing Eclipse haven't even read the books and have nothing to compare it to!
I would highly recommend this movie to anyone, romance and fight scenes - there's appealing elements to it for everyone! Also, it's hilarious. You'll be laughing every 5 minutes - let's just say Team Charlie will be getting more and more fans!