Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Victorian Era. 1837-1901

I have always been highly interested in the past, more-so than the present to be honest. One era I've always loved (I think since reading a book called 'The Lottie Project' by Jacqueline Wilson, as a child) is the Victorian Era. There's something about the lifestyle that intrigues me, the architecture and the fashion was beautiful.
One thing I find extremely creepy about this era were the 'Memento Mori', the photographs taken with/ of corpses. Due to people having little money, they got photographs taken of loved ones after they had died, to remember them. Extremely weird and eery; you read more about it here
I assume you don't know this about me, but I have a huge interest in architecture. I love looking at buildings and seeing the details and creativity put into them. I love Victorian architecture, it is so haunting looking. The interior in the houses whether rich or poor, was always cluttered and OTT. 

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  1. We have much in common, that's amazing ! I really love the Victorian era too. I think it was a fantastic time, I'm a big fan of Bronte, Austen, Gaskell, etc... It makes me dream. I wrote something about it on my blog (I dunno if you can read French but...) :)


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