Roberto Cavalli.

After reading a fabulous feature in InStyle on the wonderful Italian, Roberto Cavalli, I have decided to write a blog on him. 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of Cavalli's glorious designs - also the year of the designer's 70th birthday! He became 'known' in the 70s from his newly-introduced patch-work and printed denim and leather. As he says himself ''In those days, designers weren't like pop stars; not like today. We didn't advertise ourselves. It was a pure time. The clothes really mattered, as women would only choose them if they loved them.''
With tons of companies under his belt, you would expect Cavalli to be big-headed, but no, he is a down-to-earth man who does what he does, for the simple reason of loving creativity. Cavalli designs everything from watches to swim-wear, and has his own brand of vodka even. His 'Just Cavalli' range, for the ''younger Cavalli woman'' launched in 1998 and was a huge success for the designer. He designs clothes for a woman to feel sexy, using feminine patterns such as animal-print and floral, always attracting the buyer.
I personally, have always adored Cavalli dresses, always seeing celebrities wearing them on the red-carpet for events, makes me associate glamour with Cavalli. With a huge list of celebrities as friends, Roberto Cavalli's creations are in the spotlight world-wide. I adore his illustrations, them on their own, almost being as fantastic as the clothes themselves!