Green Day - 23rd June 2010.

Where do I even begin? The gig yesterday, was the most stressful and wonderful gig I've ever been to (it's a close second to Lady Gaga but anyways..)
Myself, Jess and Nicole stayed awake the whole of Tuesday night and left at 3am, we arrived at the queue at 3.30am and there was 17 of us then. The queue we were in was at the very back of Marlay Park and there was no shops around or anything. At 6.30am we got a lift to Tesco's and spent €33 on food and blankets. We got back to our queue for 7am and ate mostly everything then. We tried sleeping on the concrete ground, but with distractions we couldn't. We had the most annoying queuers through-out the whole fucking day. Me, Jess and Nicole nearly lost our voice telling people to fuck off back down the queue - one thing I cannot stand, is skippers. No way do they ever, ever, ever get to the front. Either we tell them to fuck off there and then or you physically force yourself in front of them. Anyways, we got moved to another part of the park on the inside at around 8am, I think. There were 3 barriers up and of course, people who only arrived 5 minutes ago jumped to the front. Me having none of that I told them to hump off. At least we were at the top of our queue - which was about a metre in width, we couldn't even stretch our poxy legs out. After hours and hours of queuing we got to move to near the stage, some group of 10 year olds running and about 20 of us in chant go GET THE FUCK BACK, with a security car in front of us to slow us down, it was bedlam. It stopped and I got fucking crushed into the car. The security there were just as shit as the ones in the o2. Hopeless.
When we were let run to the stage I fucking sprinted, and got to the best barrier position. Just to the left of the middle, where Hayley and Joan concentrated most!
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were amazing. She is soooo sexy, holy shit. She is 52 years old, and she is looking amazing. I hadn't previously listened to the band's songs, but they were all amazing, so catchy and pure rock'n'roll! I'm going to download them all today - they literally were just fantastic! Their cover of 'I Love Rock'N'Roll'' got the crowd crazy, it was amazing!
As you's know, Paramore is my favourite band, along with All Time Low. I've seen them everytime they've been in Dublin (2nd June '08 and 12th Dec '09). I've been at the barrier everytime and have queued over 12 hours for all them also! I wasn't going to break that record yesterday haha!
One thing that pissed me off SO MUCH yesterday, were the Green Day fans slagging, and I mean constantly, slagging Paramore and their fans. Sorry, but how the fuck are Paramore fans going to disturb your experience of seeing Green Day. It was gas, they were all saying they were going to boo Paramore off stage and hit Paramore fans in the crowd - but when Paramore came on, of course all I heard was singing and screaming! All talk and no action, you know it is possible to be a Paramore and Green Day fan.
When they came on, I cried. As usual. It's such an amazing feeling seeing your heroes in front of you. They were amazing, Hayley was bouncing around the stage! Josh unfortunately seemed extra-shy yesterday. I was right in front of him and I saw Hayley spat on him by mistake, and he gave her THE dirtiest look ever. I was like ok. :L But yeah, they were amazing. When are they not? My personal favourite song they played yesterday was Brick By Boring Brick, it was amazing.. the crowd was so enthusiastic with it! Paramore also announced that Brand New Eyes and Riot! were confirmed platinum in Ireland! Guess what else they told us? THEY'RE KICKING OFF THEIR EUROPEAN TOUR IN DUBLIN - 6th November lads! Tickets she said she should go on sale next week! Chuffed!
When Paramore left, the nice security dude gave me the setlist, which I was delighted about. I clung on to the bar for dear life as Green Day fan were trying to push off. When they came on it was deafening, the screams coming from everyone was amazing! I've listened to Green Day since Primary school, I remember so well the day my Dad bought me their albums, he loves them! So I was excited for the American Idiot chunes and their old stuff, I don't know the majority of their new stuff, but I knew the jist! Of course, my two favourite songs they played were Basket Case and Jesus of Suburbia, them being my favourite songs by them anyways. Billie was amazing, pulling 3 people from the crowd up to sing - and they were all amazing might I add, he did the splits, played the drums and chugged two cups of Guinness. The whole band produced so much energy and enthusiasm, you can tell Green Day genuinely adore what they do. With Billie saying he won't leave this band unless he dies!
I got really emotional at their encore, when playing Wake Me Up When September ends it started raining, almost on queue of ''here comes the rain again falling from the stars..'', it was magical. That was one of the first songs I learnt on guitar and it was our 6th class song in primary, so it means a lot to me! The whole show was incredible, you's are probably saying why is Leanne leaving this and that out, but this has a become a long-ass blog and I want to include pictures! So yes, I hope that was a good blog, I hope it brought back last night's memories or whatever!
I would like to thank GoldenPlec. com, Rebekah Flemming, Danielle Dullaghan and Clare Fitzsimon's for the amazing photos!