Festival Time!

As Oxegen is next week, I've been browsing through festival fashion for inspiration and ideas.. I don't want to look over-dressed, but at the same time, I don't want to look shabby! Loads of people get confused about what to wear and bring to festivals clothes-wise. We always see celebrities at the festivals, wearing heels and fabulous dresses etc, but keep in mind they're not camping. Most of them only go for the day or are staying in the V.I.P sections. If you're looking for ideas on festival fashion, ask friends who have gone to festivals before what they think and research it on the internet. There's tons of websites and blogs to help you with key items to bring and tips! But me being so lovely jubley, I have saved you that hassle and will tell you it all here. 
Firstly, you all know how I'm moving to London next Summer.. it irritates me how feckin amazing all the festivals are over there. What I'd do to go to Download and Glastonbury! Glastonbury was just on, and the festival fashion there was yummy. One of my favourite style icons of the moment, Jameela Jamil, looked amazing in a stunning sky-blue cardigan teamed with big black glasses and her trademark bold lipstick!
Now I doubt many of you are going to go wearing some as extreme as Florence (or maybe you are) so you should be thinking along the lines of Alexa's outfit, bar the flats. I'd recommend wellies instead, obviously because of mud and dirt in general. I doubt you want your best shoes ruined! There are so many different styles of wellies out in the shops, if you're only going to one festival I'd advise getting a cheap pair from Penneys or Dunnes. They have tons of different styles and patterns, there's no point wasting €100 on a pair you'll only wear for a few days, once a year! If you do want to invest in a dearer brand of Wellies, I'd recommend Hunter. Loved by celebrities and us common-folk alike, they have so many new styles and colours to offer. They cost around €100, depending on the style etc. 
Now, onto clothes. Personally, I would advise yous to go out and buy cheap festival clothes, the sales are on at the moment so don't just feel you need to go to Penneys. Keep in mind, thousands of people going to Oxegen and Electric Picnic will be thinking the same thing and I doubt you all want to be dressed the same as everyone! That's not saying to not go to Penneys, of course do. I did, but I bought key pieces that I can make my own by adding accessories and teaming with other brand clothing. I bought most of my festival gear in H&M and Penneys, and I am going to get more this week, I'm going to look in the sales and go on a budget. Don't spend more than a tenner on any item, it will more than likely get ruined/robbed/lost so you don't want to be hung up about losing anything!
Look out for Summer clothing, bright and colourful. Mix it up with patterns and styles, don't buy everything in the one colour, and vary your outfits. Have a budget and stick to it.
I bought..
Turquoise jumpsuit in Penneys, I love the colour and it will be so easy to wear at Oxegen! I'll team it with gold accessories and a colourful bandana probably!

I adore this! My favourite trend is Military, it always is! I got this in Penneys and it's really light cotton, I can wear it with anything at Oxegen. Open or closed, with shorts or over a dress!
I bought this in H&M, it goes past my bum so I'll wear it with leggings, I love H&M for tops like this. 
Cheap and cheerful!
I'm not usually one for wearing dresses, but I'm starting to wear them more lately. For comfort, I always wear shorts underneath them and I'll definitely be doing the same for next week! I bought this dress in H&M about 4 years ago.
I adore this dress, it's so 50s! I bought it in Penneys a few weeks ago and it was only €7! 

i bought new sunglasses too, due to my Aviators breaking! I got these gorgeous purple polka-dot ones in H&M! I also bought another pair of knee-high socks, I already have the cream pair and their gorgeous! They will look really well with your wellies!
I am so happy with my wellies, my favourite pattern in the whole world is leopard print. So of course, I wanted leopard print wellies. I originally saw a pair in Topshop for €30, they looked more giraffe-print than leopard print and were a bit dear so I looked around for another pair! I found these beauties in Dunnes for only €11! They're going to make all my outfits more exciting and I'll wear them again!
I need to still get more pairs of shorts, a raincoat and some leggings/tights! I also bought a small black bag to bring around, just big enough for my phone, money, camera etc. Don't bring your good handbag out, I bought mine in Penneys for like €7!
Along with clothes, you need to bring essentials! Food, toiletries etc. Don't plan on buying all your grub at the festival, as it will always be over-priced and mostly disgusting! It will save you money and your health, if you bring your own food! I've done my research and ask friends, and everyone says to bring a ton of carbohydrate foods.. for energy! Cereal bars, pasta, noodles, peanuts and biscuits will be your best friend! If you're bringing a stove, you can even bring tea/coffee and soup etc to make, which I recommend! I personally plan on having 3 solid meals a day, as I adore my food and I will not be eating crap junk for 4 days! I refuse! Toiletries are an essential, as everyone's hygiene standards will have to loosen for the few days. I will not be able to go even 2 days without washing my hair, so I'm bringing an extra litre of water to wash my hair on the Saturday! Bring a ton of dry shampoo (Batiste is the best, you can buy it from Tesco, Boots, any chemist really and it's around €3), baby wipes (to take off make-up and they'll be your shower for the few days), antiseptic wipes/spray (the filth at festivals is disgusting and I advise you to bring heaps of this!), toilet roll, bin bags (to put your dirty clothes in and to sit on), sun cream, torch and a towel.
I hope this blog has help you guys in some ways or has been an interesting read, hope yous all have fun at your festival! :)