Rihanna - 26/05/10

Where do I begin? On Wednesday, me cousin and I went to the 02 to see Rihanna live and by God, it was fucking unreal.
Pixie Lott supported her, I'm not a fan of her songs at all.. she has a good voice but her songs are just atrocious. She was also quite boring on stage, I found myself just sitting there wondering what Rihanna was going to wear.
So 9:30 arrived a huge screen came down in front of the stage and started showing a movie of Rihanna. There was 4 of these mini-movies of Rihanna through-out, I have 3 I'll upload to Youtube ( I deleted the 4th by mistake). 
She performed every song absolutely beautifully, her voice is even more amazing live! My favourite songs she performed though were Hard and Te Amo. During Te Amo, these 2 acrobats were hanging off canons that were hanging from the ceiling and it was just unreal. 
Her costumes were out of this world too! Everything from a futuristic white body suit, that had a leg cut out to wearing thigh-high black boots. She was unreal, going for costume changes and letting her backing-singers and guitarists have the limelite. Her guitarists were unreal, and she even played it herself during Rockstar 101. 
After the movie she then came out in a stunning black dress, with red neon lights on it. The whole production of the show was just amazing. The bright pink tank, the canons coming down from the ceiling with acrobats hanging off them, the runway with the sinking circle and the confetti explosion at the end... everything was just unreal.
She went off the stage at around 11 and everyone started leaving, but then she bursted on stage again. Umbrella was amazing, red confetti exploded over the whole 02 arena. It was amazing and the whole atmosphere of the show was terrific. If you didn't go and see her, you missed out!