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So as most of you would know, I collect magazines. Since the age of 3 I started collecting magazines... Barney to Disney Princess to Rugrats Around The Words to Sabrina to Girl Talk to Shout to Miss to Bliss To Sugar.... and now I collect Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Company, Glamour and Grazia mainly. And then the odd Look, More, Marie Claire etc. 
I was sorting out my magazines the other day and decided to share my collection with you. This is my second collection. When I was 12 my Mother threw out all my magazines, I didn't talk to her for a MONTH. She threw out all my Mizz's, Shout's, Elle Girl's.. and my ancient Girl Talks. I value my magazines and refuse to throw them out, so when she did that you can see why I was so upset!
I've been in Kiss magazine 4 times, once for a review (they spelt my second name wrong :( ) and twice for picture. I'm the one on the top left of the first pic'n'mix page and I'm the one with the blue hair on the second one.. I was also in an article last year about my blog! Can't find it though haha! I worked there for work experience, it was great!


  1. aww, i cant believe she threw out all your girl talks! i used to love that magazine but lost all mine :(
    i love seeing how much fashion has changed!

  2. Haha on the pic and mix picture, my cousin Lisa is there haha. The on in the white tee beside the word 'pic'. shes a bit of a poser lol.

  3. I love your magazine collection i have some of them too.
    Oh btw not bragging or anything but i was modelling from the age of 3 - 16 years old and i have to do a shoot for sabrina the teenage witch magazine some hair do thingy and its cool you collected them you probably saw me this was years ago though. Anyway i really admire your blog i saw your post before people saying its boring but i find it very interesting. Yeah so :)

  4. I am well jealous. Nylon and stellar are my favourites. Kiss is how I found this blog.

  5. Saaame, I'm a complete magazine whore :) I have a similar blog post about it.

    I used to love Kiss, had like every issue for two years or so, and then my mam threw them out :(
    I was even in some of them as well, was the Star Letter in one issue I remember! :')

    Sorry for the random comment on such an old blog post, but I was bored and decided to read some of your old posts!

  6. There is something so glam about stacks of Vogue!

  7. omg on the Kiss Club page, the "10 things i love" thingy, thats a friend of mine, Billie Jean, i got that Issue and read your review and never copped on it was you LOL Weird


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