My Magazines.

So as most of you would know, I collect magazines. Since the age of 3 I started collecting magazines... Barney to Disney Princess to Rugrats Around The Words to Sabrina to Girl Talk to Shout to Miss to Bliss To Sugar.... and now I collect Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Company, Glamour and Grazia mainly. And then the odd Look, More, Marie Claire etc. 
I was sorting out my magazines the other day and decided to share my collection with you. This is my second collection. When I was 12 my Mother threw out all my magazines, I didn't talk to her for a MONTH. She threw out all my Mizz's, Shout's, Elle Girl's.. and my ancient Girl Talks. I value my magazines and refuse to throw them out, so when she did that you can see why I was so upset!
I've been in Kiss magazine 4 times, once for a review (they spelt my second name wrong :( ) and twice for picture. I'm the one on the top left of the first pic'n'mix page and I'm the one with the blue hair on the second one.. I was also in an article last year about my blog! Can't find it though haha! I worked there for work experience, it was great!