First month of Summer, Yay!

This week flew by, getting nervous about my Summer exams... I can't study. I tell yas, next year, when I'm in 6th, I won't have a social life. I will literally dedicate my life to studying, I will do whatever it takes to get into LCF. All I will do is study, work on my portfolio, study, portfolio etc. Due to tomorrow being a Bank Holiday, I'll try and study.. something. Even though I've already arranged to go the cinema, but whatever..
Also as some of you have noticed, this blog has become less and less about fashion and more my life. I have fuck all time on my hands at the moment, so all I get to write is this sort of stuff. In which I do apologize, and I shall have some fashion and beauty etc up this week! I also am delighted that I've reached 78 followers, I know that may not seem like many but it is to me! I know that a lot of you read this and don't have a blogger account, so thank you to yous too! (:

I have developed a huge obsession with Cherry Coke, I walk home from school everyday and buy a can of it everyday. Love it, oh and btw, the nail polish I'm wearing is 'Mink' from Nails Inc. I got it free with InStyle magazine!
I got my scaffold piercing yesterday, I've wanted it done since I was like 13 and built up the courage to eventually get it done.. everyone completely exaggerates the pain of it. Yes, it was sore.. but you could handle it. Maybe that's just me, I've a good pain resistance. My friend Emma looked more in pain watching me get it done, than me! Haha.
Also as I was walking home from school the other day, I saw a squirrel in the forest beside my school. And I keep seeing the same one, he/she is so cute.. hard to make out but he's on the left-hand side of the tree.
My friend Leila made my day by giving me this book. Some of you may not know my obsession with pirates. I love them. Everything about pirates. The clothes, the ships, the whole pirate life. I think my obsession started with Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Carribean.. yeah...
On Tuesday I went to see this year's Transition Year musical, Guys and Dolls, it was amazing! On the way, me being a food junkie, I bought myself a half-price birthday cake. Which ended up tasting like shit, but it looked nice..
Yesterday I was in Powerscourt Town Centre (my Grandparents work there) and my Nana showed me this exhibition of drawers, different artists painted and designed their own drawers. So cool!
I've been a huge fan of an artist called Jamie Dunne's work for ages now, since my Grandad started stocking the work in his Art Gallery. This is my favourite painting, it's Grafton Street..
I came across this yesterday, walking past Enable Ireland and I was wondering why the hell someone would put a Chanel (fake probably) bag on display.. with a brown, ugly hairband on top!?
Was in Stephen's Green park yesterday for a while, when it wasn't raining, and yeah I just took this picture of the tree in the pond.. all my photos are taken on my phone, due to me being lazy and not being bothered to whip out my camera. But yes, it's pretty..
One of my favourite places in Dublin is the Stephen's Green Shopping Centre car park, how fancy I know.. But it's a nice place to chill (if you're not thrown out) and see the sights of Dublin.