So I started the task of cleaning my room the other day, and moved things around. A few things caught my eye and I decided I would write blogs on them. So this blog shall be about one of those things, that show a part of me that maybe you's don't know!
When I was around 8 I became obsessed with Bratz dolls, after receiving my first one for Crimbo. It was Yasmin and I loved her, I was convinced we were ''twins'' because we both had brown hair and eyes... and also a freckle beside our left eye. OMGZ. I know, I was seriously cool. 
So yes, Yasmin started this huge interest of mine that became collecting Bratz dolls. I used to spend hours and hours playing Bratz with my cousin Amber up until the age of 11, call that gay but I actually admire the fact I remained a child for as long as possible.. rather than growing up too fast! 
I spent money on everything from shoes, to bags, to jewellery for them. My favourite Bratz doll was Yasmin of course, but my favourite ''style'' was the pirates one, I was even obsessed with pirates back then yup. The clothes I got with my Chloe Pirate were amazing, and I also got a treasure chest with it, where I stored all their jewellery...
I don't think I'll ever give these dolls away, when I move to my own place I'd like to have a glass case for them or something. They're so cool looking, all their clothes and multi-coloured hairstyles. I think the little things like dressing up Bratz and designing dresses for them when I was young, really stretched my admiration for the fashion world.
So yeah, did you guys have any obsessions when you were kids?