Nana's French Toast.

Seeing as this blog has started to revolve around everything, not just fashion.. I've decided to write up a good oul recipe for yas! My Nana always makes me French toast when I'm over at hers on a Sunday morning, it's heaven and such a simple snack to make! If you are lacking in the cooking area, like moi, this is super handy!

You Need: Bread, 2 eggs for every 3 slices of bread you use, Olive Oil, a plate, a bowl, a frying pan and a fork. 

1. Gather all your equipment and turn on your stove/oven/hot circular thing.
2. Put a reasonable amount of oil on your heated pan and crack your eggs into bowl, whisk the eggs with a fork. Pour the whisked egg onto your plate.
3. Get a slice of bread and dip each side of the bread into the egg, then carefully place on the pan to fry.
4. Make sure the egg is cooked on the bread before you take it off, food poisoning is so easily caught when making egg dishes! The egg shouldn't appear as wet and may turn white, when it's cooked!
5. Some people like to sprinkle salt onto their French toast when done, but I don't like salt, so I don't!
6. Be careful when going to eat - the toast will be hot - enjoy! :)