Lady Gaga's 'Monster Ball' Tour. Dublin 20/02/10. Best Day Of My Life.

I am not exaggerating when I say yesterday was by far, the greatest day of my life. It's hard to explain the feeling that filled to 02 arena unless you were there yourself. Lady Gaga had me in tears throughout and after the show, and even now I'm still in shock at how unbelievable it was.
I queued up with my friends at Entrance 3 all day in the freezing cold, we literally counted down the minutes until we were let in. We all ran towards the stage as soon as we got inside, it was a giant runway and a massive white curtain covering the main stage. Myself and Shannon grabbed a place at the barrier at the end of the catwalk. I clung onto it for dear life, even though some battle-axe beside wouldn't stop moaning. I just told her to shut the hell up.
Anyways, the support acts were brilliant! 'Semi Precious Weapons' opened up and the were just mind-blowing! It was a glam-rock band and it was all very glitz and glam. The outfits were fabulous and the lyrics to their songs were catchy. They had deadly t-shirts on sale with captions such as 'I can't pay my rent but I'm still gorgeous.' Haha. The second support band were 'Alphabeat'. A band I wasn't too keen on at first, but after hearing them live I was completely coverted. Their some-what cheesey songs sounded so much better live and the female singer of the band, had the most amazing voice and she was gorgeous!
Anticipation filled up the arena as we waited for Gaga. All 14,000 of us sang along to tons of Michael Jackson songs that were being played, and the seated area started a massive Mexican Wave! It was brilliant!
As soon as the lights dimmed, everyone screamed. A countdown started on a projection onto the curtain. And as soon as it pulled up the whole place roared! Lady Gaga was there in all her glory on an AMAZING set. It was scaffolding built up the resemble a city, with neon lights saying things like 'WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE' and 'UGLY SEXY', it was amazing - very Gaga.
She sang through every song with such passion and grace. Unlike tons of bands/singers I've seen live, her voice is better live than it is on any CD! She sang her new song 'Glitter In Grease', that will be on her third album - released this year. It was fabulous. She played old songs like 'Vanity', which was brilliant live. One of the highlights of the show for me definitely.
When the curtain went down for her to change the set, mini-movies of her were played with remixes of her songs. They were just as good as the show! Showing clips of her eating blood and guts - I even spotted her wearing Alexander McQueen shoes in of the clips, of course! Her sets were amazing, including a 50s cadilac car with a piano in the bonnet, a giant fish-octopus monster, a giant angel statue fountain (which she jumped in) which blew sparks out of it's wings... and more. I can't even remember. All the memories are just flooding back and I'm even getting emotional writing this. :') The centre of the runway even lifted out of the air... with Lady Gaga singing AND stripping on it!
Instead of stopping the whole show for a costume change, she continued singing but just dissappeared, leaving her FABULOUS dancers to show their stuff. She would then appear in yet another amazing outfit. Her outfits included a 'Monster' tassle outfit, which she took off to reveal an Egyptian-Princess. Other outfits included a bra and knickers set that blew out sparks! Very Madonna-esque. She wore thong-leotards showing off her beautiful figure, a can-can girl inspired dress, a mermaid inspired turquoise dress, which she took off to reveal the most amazing glittery leotard ever.  There were so many amazing outfits, I could write for ages about them! You will see them in the photo's I'll post later on. :)
The thing about Lady Gaga is, and most of her fans would agree with me on this, is that she has the most amazing connection with her fans. She dedicated the amazing 'Speechless' to us and stopped half-way through saying how much she loved us. It brought me to tears, I was crying so much I kept losing my voice! She told how much she hated money, and that everything you buy with money is 'bullshit'. Haha. To me, all of us Gaga fans are like one big family - her Little Monsters. The Gaga claw has become the international symbol for us fans and I felt such a feeling of pride singing along to her songs.
When the show ended, we were all speechless - no pun intended haha. It was the most thrilling, shocking and exiting performance I have ever seen in my life. Gaga can sing, she can dance, she can act, she can design - but more importantly she devotes everything to the ones she loves, her fans. And it comes across in her performances. She makes no money whatsoever, due to all of it going on her performances and work. She changed the whole Monster Ball tour recently, costing her $1,000,000!
Lady Gaga is one of my ultimate idols, and it's no understatement. I won't be able to get over last night for ages. It was the most spectacular thing I have ever witnessed. Nobody will ever, and I mean ever, be able to pull off anything half as good as the Monster Ball tour. Nobody!

Myself and Shannon on the right!

I'm aware some of the pictures are not in order! Thanks a million to Co-Co-Pops (bebo), @aidandisney @yasminleonard @emboosh @niamhhis for the pics!

Thanks everybody for reading.