Often people ask me where I developed my love of fashion and people question whether it's genuine or if I'm just doing this to 'fit in'. I can't stress enough that I'm not, as I was exposed to fashion at such a young age all thank to my Nana. 
People who know me well, know how much I adore this woman. My Nana is my idol, my rock, my life.. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. Growing up I used to get with drawl symptoms when I was going home, after staying a weekend with my Nana. I still do. I cherish every moment I spend with her. 
Growing up I was always 'aware' of Chanel, as my Nana would always wear the famous Chanel No.5. It's my favourite perfume to this day, probably due to the fact it reminds me of my Nana and brings back childhood memories. As I was growing up, my Nana encouraged me to dress the 'way I want'. She would say catchy little quotes like 'Fashion fades, style remains', later on I would find out she was actually quoting one of her idols, Coco Chanel.
John, My Grandad is just brilliant. I've called John, John.. since I was a child. For reasons I still aren't aware of haha. I thought all Grandad's up to the age of around 7, were called 'John'. Anyways, I admire this man so much. I take after my Dad in a lot of ways, and my Dad takes after John. If you read my blog about my Grandad's band, you would see what a true star he is! Apart from being a genius at guitar, he can speak fluent Italian and Latin and can quote off any Shakespeare play at the top of his head. He is a genius. He is also a well-known artist, he paints pub scenes and he has work on display all over the world. He is a typical artist, his head is always in the clouds - something I myself, am very used to haha.
My Nana, my Aunty Ciara and my Mother all have a huge interest in Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, growing up watching all their movies and seeing pictures of them around the house, made me idolize them myself. I began watching their movies and developing a huge interest in the 1950s era. 
My Nana has got 'it', everyone comments on her fabulous outifts and at how wonderful she looks for a woman of her age. She just has style, something that comes naturally to her. Matching her lipstick and nail-polish, adding a brooch here and there, she's got it. My Nana's Mother was a seamstress, and had a huge interest in clothes making and style herself. She made most of my Nana's and her siblings' outfits, including my Nana wedding dress and the bridesmaid's dresses. As my Nana says, her Mother had 'that extra touch'. She wouldn't just make a plain shift dress. She would add detail to the sleeves, match that detail onto a matching pair of gloves etc. 
I was in my Nana's house at the weekend and took some photo's of her house and her back in her day, haha. Her house was the first house I was ever in, in my life. It holds my happiest memories there, and I feel safest there.
My Nana's Mother Christine and her Father Joseph. Christine made the dress and gloves she is wearing in the photography. Note the detailing and matching of the dress and accessories. 

Christine made this outfit for my Nana, isn't it gorgeous? It was made out of Dutchess Satin, the leaves were embroidered with embro black, the flowers made with ribbon lace.

My Great-Granny, 2 Great-Aunties, My Nana and Grandad on their wedding day.

My Nana on the far-right and her friends.

My Nana and her sister Anne, both wearing clothes made by their Mother, in the 60s.

My Grandad's band The Indians winning an award. My Grandad is first on the left.

Some of my Nana's jewellery.

Pearls, pearls, pearls.

My Nana now. :)


I love my Grandparents' picture and painting collection, all over the walls and tables. It's messy-neat. Just how I like it. Haha, the bottom picture of the baby - is me. :P

My Nana looking stylish!