This blog is going to let me show you guys different hairstyles from all over the world and from different time periods! I have styles from Japanese Harajuku to 20s Flapper styles! I hope you enjoy it! :)

When researching the most extreme hairstyles I found such different styles and I think the Japanese win hands down when it comes to extreme fashion! I will be writing a blog in the next week or so on Japanese fashion as I just love it!

There are different hairstyles considered 'fashionable' in each stereotype around the world, here are some from the different styles;





Different hairstyles were in fashion in different era's, my personal favourite era is the 50s and the hairstyles from back then are huge right now - think Dita Von Teese's pin-up style look!

The 20s were all about women pushing the fact that they were just as equal as men, the flapper style formed and basically busts were made smaller by flattening them, hem lines were raised and of course hair was made shorter - all to be become more masculine looking.

Hairstyles for women became more neat during the 30s-40s due to the fact women were working in factories more because their husband may have gone to serve in the army during the second world war.

The 50s were all about Hollywood glamour and the introduction of starlet Marilyn Monroe really set off the 'Glamourous Hair' trend. It is still very popular today and can also be known as pin-up style hair. I plan on also writing a blog on pin-up fashion and style soon as I have a huge interest in it!

The 50s also saw the 'teddy boy' fashion for boys become huge! Elvis made every girl fall in love with him then and of course, all the boys copied him! The greaser hairstyle was introduced and was copied and adapted by all the teddy boys!

The bigger the hair the better was how it worked in the 60s, with socialites like Edie Sedgwick coming onto the scene short, pixie cuts also became quite popular!

The 70s saw the revolution of the hippy era and long, flowy hair was popular. Screen siren Farah Fawcett's blonde, big hair was copied by women everywhere all over the world.

In the 80s, hair was all about backcombing! The bigger the better was still a huge trend.

Mullets became popular for men and were inspired by rock bands like Guns'N'Roses.

This blog is getting pretty big so I think I'll stop the era talk at the 80s! Haha.

Personally, one of my favourite styles is Rockabilly. It's a funkier adaption of the pin-up style and teddy boy... the hairstyles are always amazing!

I have been known to change my hair all the time myself, here are some pics.. old and new!

Thanks so much for reading and leave a comment telling me what you think! xo