Alice by Temperley.

Alice, by Alice Temperley is currently one of my favourite collections. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland for obvious reasons, each piece she designs has a fairy-tale feel to it - which I love. Seeing as the world is currently going crazy for everything Alice at the moment, due to the new Tim Burton version out next month - I thought it would be appropriate to do a blog on both Alice by Temperley and the movie. As usual, there will be more pictures than writing. This is usually because I find myself personally, more interested in blogs if there's more visual. Enjoy!

Tim Burton is one of my all time idols, his films as a kid just amazed me and they still do. My favourite Burton film is The Corpse Bride, the whole film is just.. I don't even know how to describe it! You know when you just are instantly drawn to a film straight away? Yeah. :) Haha. Alice in Wonderland looks absolutely fantastic and the costumes and make up look sososo brilliant!