Oversized Denim Shirts.

Oversized denim shirts were huge last Summer, everyone had one and of course due to over-wearing.. people don't wear them as much anymore. Seeing as I spent €63 on mine in Topshop, I have decided NOT to stop wearing it, as I love it dearly. But, I have been looking for new ways to wear it. Last year I mainly wore it open but I've been liking the idea of buttoning it closed and wearing with a high-waisted skirt lately. I got the idea from Lookbook, so I'm going to give it a go! It got me thinking about other items of clothing I own and don't necessarily wear anymore.. due to the fact I am bored of the way I'm used to wearing them! So I'm gonig to have a look through my wardrobe and try and think of new ways to wear my old stuff. I have so much clothes and only wear the same ones over and over again - it's such a waste! I could never throw out anything, due to regrets in the past. I threw out a gorgeous military coat about 4 years ago and they're back in again! So annoying! So basically I keep everything I have now and I always end up coming back to it and wearing it again in a new way!