Trends for 2010 - Fashion & Beauty

...Look amazing! Everything from tracksuit bottoms to frocks, it all looks fun and of course - different
I've been reading my magazines the past week so I'm going to share with you what the different magazines predict will be huge trends and what I personally think... 

Glamour No.106 Jan 2010:
- Frocksfrocksfrocks! The girlier the better and think 'ice-cream' shades rather than 'out-there' colours.
- Knits. Think wool dresses and oversized sweaters teamed with feminine styles.. still working the 'grunge' trend we saw in 2009 but re-vamping it.
- 90s Grunge - Wear classic grunge pieces (biker boots, flannel shirts, leather etc..) with floaty materials such as silk and cashmere.
- Simple hair. Get ride of extensions and keep accessories to a minimum.
- Crimping. Chance your arm with this one, it can either go great or go horribly wrong.. think back to when you were 8 and you'll see what I mean haha!
- Retro styles with a modern twist. Instead of the classic beehive, style it so it's on a slant rather than straight up, be different!
- Matte lips. Remember if you do dramatic lips keep the eyes simple and vice versa!
- Dewy skin. The caked with foundation look is soo over.

ELLE Jan 2010
- Winter clothing. Think skiing style.. wooly accessories, baggy jumpers and chunky boots.
- Casual. Cotton, cashmere, wool... cosy and comfy materials! Track-suit bottoms are going to be huge, but worn the right way. Chic not chav! Pair tailored pieces with slouchy clothes... a black blazer with a grey over-sized jersey dress for example.
- Military. One of my favourite trends of all time. Remember Balmainia that hit us all last year? (Military jackets, sequinned dresses, huuuge shoulder pads..) Well, think of that but expand it. For 2010 look out for soldier-style hats and tough-looking boots and belts.
- Lace-Up Boots. Will be massive. Team with a frock to toughen up a typical girlie look.
- Masculine. Monochrome (black and white) clothes, bow ties, ankle socks.. the works! But don't overdo it, accessorise with feminine bags and jewellery.
- Old-skool glasses. They can make any outfit more interesting and they're bringing back geek-chic!
- Printed nails. They are EVERYWHERE. Rihanna and Katy Perry have been seen already sporting these. Go as crazy as you want with the print from leopard print to designer logos (a bit chavvy in my opinion).
- Go back to basics. Don't go spending all your money on designer brands, use cheaper brands instead to save money.

InStyle No.107 Jan 2010
- Lace. Instead of wearing the typical lace dress or skirt go for things like laced rings, gloves, shoes etc.
- Purple. Definitely the colour to watch out for, don't wear too much of it though, one or two pieces is enough.
- Brogues. Don't wear with a mini-skirt as you'll end up looking like a policewoman, wear with cropped jeans or a Summer dress teamed with a hoodie.
- Little gems. Look out for cocktail dresses with jewels on them, Lipsy have a huge range of dresses in gorgeous colours to choose from.
- Patterned tights. House Of Holland designer Henry Holland started off this massive trend (with his alphabet tights) earlier this Winter and now patterned tights are being seen on everyone. From polka-dots to stripes, from house-patterns to suspenders wear them to make a statement.
- Leopard Print. One of my favourite patterns! The trick is to wear it to the minimum, don't wear loads of things leopard prnt at once. Opt for a pair of shoes or a scarf in the colour instead.
- Parisienne. Think brocade, velvet and silk. Brocade is everywhere at the moment so wear jackets and dresses to really look like a Parisian babe!
- Coloured eyeshadow, Givenchy have amazing green and blue compacts in at the moment but remember to wear with a pale or nude lip.
- Fake eyelashes. The bigger, the better! To go that extra step further get ones with stars, beads or pearls on the tips. Putting false eyelashes only on the bottom is also a risk worth taking for 2010!

Hope that's help for you's and I got the new issue of Vogue today so I will write about what their predicted trends are for the New Year tomorrow.

The trends I'm going to definitely look out for next year are military, parisienne, leopard print and patterned tights. I already have an interest in all of these trends but I'll invest in some new key pieces to keep the looks looking fresh!