PARAMORE - 12-12-09

Was out of this world.... brilliant, brilliant day omg.

Me & Aisling Chubbz queued up at 5am in the freezinggggg cold for them at Entrance 3! Where we met people might I add! Girls who had been there since 6pm, the DAY BEFORE! :o
Anyways, the day went by fast but once the barriers got up for us to be lined up - things got messy. The staff were CRAP! People were being pushed like I dunno what and then eventually some girl's toes broke and she had to be taken off in a wheelchair... only THEN did the staff do anything!
Another reason why they were shit was cause they another entrance in before us - PEOPLE WHO HADN'T BEEN QUEUING SINCE 5 AM FFS. So once we all got in, we pushed our way up.
I got to barrier eventually, just in time for YMAS and Paramore!
The 2 support bands; NowNowEveryChildren and Paper Route were amazing!
My opinions completely changed of YouMeAtSix, they were brilliant!
When Paramore came on I started crying my eyes out, people kept asking me if I was ok :L I was just SO happy! I was right in front of Hayley & Jeremy and the feeling was amazing.
I have no voice anymore cause I sang and screamed so much, it was so amazing! It was just as good as last year's Paramore gig too :)
Can't believe it's over, they better come back again!
amazingggggg :')

oh here's me on the new harp bridge in town ...