The Casino Showband & The Indians

This blog is dedicated to my cool Grandad John Woodfull and great uncle Brian Woodfull. In the 60s they were in 2 famous showbands - 'The Casino Showband' and 'The Indians' They travelled all over the world, appeared on tv and were on the cover on tons of magazines! I don't wanna sound like I'm boasting, I'm just so proud of family background when I see all the photo's and magazine articles!
My Grandad played the guitar and was (and still is!) a genius at it!
The Casino Showband became so huge, they played with The Rolling Stones in Ulster Hall in 1965, here's the pic..

Amazing or what?! The Indians were also huge and every Christmas they used to perform on the huge children's tv show 'The Wanderly Wagon'. They toured all over America and released loads of records!
Sososososo proud :') It's probably where I got my huge interest in music from!