First Request! How to wear jeggings!

Thanks to Susie who has requested this (:

So jeggings... aka. Jean-Leggings.

I bought my first pair of these this time last year in Urban Outfitters,
they're by Silence + Noise and tbh, they're my fave pair of jeans!
They are so comfy and are skin-tight, just how I like it!

They're quite easy to wear, you just have to know what to avoid.

The main thing to avoid I think is VPL, (visible pant line). As these jeans are tight and sometimes thinner than your average denim jean, you have to wear appropriate underwear as they can become quite noticeable!

Because jeggings are tights, ideally wear them with a flowy, loose top. Of course a tight top might look nice but it's nice to mix it up! Boho-look tops look amazing teamed with jeans, especially in a pastel colour. Make it edgier by adding statement jewellery and edgy shoes!

For example an outfit I would put together would be;
Dark denim jeggings
Salmon coloured flowy top - oversized
Chandelier earrings
Leather jacket - preferably in grey
Ankle boots/ Heels with studs
Keep eye make up simple and wear a bright lipstick
Naturally styled hair - up or down

Hope that helps Susie,
if anyone else has anymore requests I would be happy to help!