First blog.

I've created this blog to just talk about everything fashion!
To give you an idea of me and my fashion...

Fashion is my life,
and that's no understatement.
I used to dress up in my Nana's clothes since the age of 2 and was always putting on 'fashion shows' and was always flicking through my Mum's magazines, mesmerized by the models and what they were wearing!

My Nana is a huge influence on me when it comes to fashion! She introduced me to Chanel when I was younger and to this day, Chanel is still my favourite designer of all time.

My favourite fashion era's are the 20s, 50s and the 80s.
The 1950s would probably be my number one because I adore everything and anything to do with that era!

Chanel, Balmain and Luella are my desired choices at the moment..
I adorrrrre Chanel with all my heart and it's my dream to own a black 2.55 bag some day.
Gabrielle Bonheur ( Coco Chanel ) is one of my heroines, fashion was her life and she inspires me hugely.
Balmain is just me in a bubble, everything I see from Balmain.. I would wear. The sequin shoulder-padded dresses are AMAZZZZINNNGG this year.
Luella is just beautiful. Every design by Luella Bartley is just stunning. I love her use of colours and patterns. She takes simple ideas and completely makes them her own.

I collect tons of magazine, Elle, Vogue, Nylon, InStyle, Company, Glamour, Look and More.
Magazines are an obsession of mine since I was a toddler, I have pictures of me reading magazines from when I first learned to read.
Some may say it's a waste of money to buy all the magazines I do, maybe it is, but for me personally it inspires me more and more.

Last but not least, as I said before fashion is my life.
So, I want to pursue a career in it.
I want to become a fashion stylist and maybe, a fashion writer someday for a magazine.
I want to study and live in London because I have always felt 'at home' there and I just adore the culture and the vibes all around the city.

Well thanks for reading, I've probably bored you!
But I will in the future be writing reviews, will be asking questions, discussing thing etc..
If you have any ideas, please tell (:

Byeeee xo